Health is true wealth. It is the joy of the healthy and the envy of the unhealthy, yet it can be common wealth. It can even be cheap, compared with the cost of illness.

Are you interested in reaching a healthy weight and personalizing your nutrition? What if you could eat as much as you want – without counting calories? If this seems too good to be true, what do you value more – your health or your habits?

There are thousands of books, courses, and websites about health, nutrition, healthy food, weight management, and living longer. Many are excellent. What is the difference with HealthViaFood?

The difference is that the ideas presented here make it possible to:

Personalized nutrition

According to the ancient Roman philosopher, Lucretius, “one man’s food can be another man’s poison.” We are all human beings, but we are each individuals with a unique history and metabolism. What is healthy for you may not be healthy for me and vice versa.

For example, vegan eating habits may be healthy for you, even therapeutic for some people some of the time, but it is not healthy for everybody. HealthViaFood is vegan-agnostic. The key concept is biochemical individuality. By the way, eating mostly plants (“plant-based”) does not exclude nor prevent the healthy consumption of eggs, fish, chicken, or meat, by some people, even at the same meal. 

Do you know your innate prevailing body shape – rounded and big-boned (endomorph), rectangular (mesomorph), or thin (ectomorph)? Different innate shapes make the so-called “body mass index” irrelevant to the questions, “what is a healthy weight for me?” and “how do I reach it?”. Do you know your ABO blood type? Personalizing nutrition begins with knowing yourself and listening to your body.

Forget about calories.

woman with weight loss and baggy pantsThese ideas and methods go beyond cutting junk food and eating more vegetables. Some of these ideas are provocative and not accepted by the health authorities. They confront the model that defines health as the absence of disease.

Forget about caloriesEat as much as you want. Try an idea for a week or two, or at most four, and then see how you feel. How is your digestion before and after you make the change? 

What to eat to maintain your health?

Health begins and ends in the gut. If you are constipated, have diarrhea, or feel bloated, indigestion, or stomach pains after eating, then you are not healthy.

A frequently asked question is – what do I eat (or not eat) to maintain my health? If you research this, you find much confusing and contradictory information about nutrition and healthy eating. Many academic studies about nutrition contradict each other. Why? There is simply no one set of eating habits that is healthy for everybody. This simple fact is often overlooked in the stale advice to “eat a balanced diet”. 

Your goal is to improve your digestion. You are the only one who can evaluate your digestion. If your digestion is healthy over time, you are healthy. Good health begins and ends in the gut – with healthy digestion.

Ideas you can use

HealthViaFood is named after the book “Health via Food“, by Dr. William Howard Hay, MD, published in 1929, and available online for free. Like many doctors, Dr. Hay was so dedicated to his patients that he thought only about his work. Like some people today, he was also overweight and in bad health. He treated and healed himself by changing his eating habits. His weight loss was a natural side effect of his healthy eating habits. Dr. Hay’s ideas were later independently confirmed by Dr. Herbert Shelton, MD, in his book “Food Combining“, published in 1952.

Briefly, the main ideas of HealthViaFood are food combining, the acid-alkaline balance, blood type eating, detox, eliminations, and chrono-nutrition. You can find these ideas in books by medical doctors, who confirm each other. The research for these articles is open source. The articles that summarize these ideas include references to the original sources, such as books by medical doctors.  These ideas make it practical for you to lose weight effortlessly and reach a healthy weight, with only one condition – a change in eating habits (and a true desire to be healthy). 

Your health or your habits?

Skeptical? So am I. What matters more to you – your health or your eating habits? Results are possible in one to four weeks, depending on only one condition, a change in eating habits (and a true desire to be healthy). Health is a choice that begins in the mind – without shame, guilt nor moral judgement. It can be difficult, but substitutes are possible. The sweetest pleasure of all is good health, not the taste of sugar. 

Nota bene. Some people choose what to eat and what not to eat for philosophical, spiritual, or religious reasons, not for health reasons. This site does not serve these people. This site is oriented towards health, science, and the individual. Nothing in this site is intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease. If you have a medical condition, see a doctor.