Brussels – local organic food producers

This list is not an endorsement, but is simply a listing. Interbio is a produce wholesaler that supplies The Barn Bio Market and other retailers all over Belgium. De Groentelaar is a small farm that also supplies the The Barn Bio Market.      

Calorie myth

“The Calorie Myth” – book review According to Alan Watts, a philosopher who translated Eastern religion to Western terms, “a myth is an image in terms of which we try to make sense of the world”. This could describe the calorie theory. This article reviews the book, “The Calorie Myth“, by Jonathan Bailor, published in …

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Chrono-nutrition – briefly Chrono-nutrition is based on the idea that your digestive system functions slightly differently at different times of the day. For example, in the morning, you may have an “acid wave” after sleeping and waking up. In the evening, you may tend to be more alkaline. To absorb and assimilate the nutrients in …

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Why avoid sugar? How?

Why avoid sugar? How? Sugar depletes the body of minerals and vitamins. After you eat sugar, you excrete nutrients, such as magnesium and vitamin B. Sugar also makes your blood and tissues slightly acidic. They can measure this in the urine. Many doctors point out that refined sugar can cause chronic illness. We all have …

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Why avoid wheat? How?

Why avoid wheat? How? Wheat (wheat flour) is found in bread, pasta, cereal, cookies, cakes, pastries, pizza, couscous, noodles, and many other packaged food products. Wheat flour is a white powder that has been milled from wheat (Triticum Aestivum). Much wheat has been genetically modified (hybridized) over many, many years to satisfy the demands of …

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Why avoid dairy? How?

Why avoid dairy? How? If you believe that “you need dairy for calcium”, then you have been misinformed. Yes, you need calcium, but other foods, including certain vegetables, also have calcium. Parsley, broccoli, sesame seeds, tahini (sesame butter), fenugreek, carob, and tofu all have calcium, depending on the soil where they were grown and also …

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Biochemical individuality

“Biochemical Individuality” – book review The chemistry of your body is unique to you. This simple fact is often overlooked in mountains of statistics and rivers of metabolic pathways on standardized diagrams. “Biochemical Individuality“, by Professor Roger Williams, PhD, was first published in 1956. Dr. Williams described wide anatomical and physiological variations among people. His …

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Detox – briefly Detoxification means abundant, healthy excretion. If you are not having at least one bowel movement per day, then you may be slowly becoming toxic. The signs of chronic toxicity vary from person to person. The reality of life in a post-industrial world is that we live in a toxic world. Get used …

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Blood type eating

Blood type eating – briefly This idea is not a fad diet. It goes beyond eating more fruits and vegetables. This idea makes it possible to personalize nutrition. This article refers to three books: “Eat Right 4 Your Type“, by Dr. Peter D’Adamo ND, published in 1996 and updated in 2016,  “Dr. Mozzi’s diet. Blood …

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Acid-alkaline balance

Acid-alkaline balance – briefly This article refers to the books and methods of Dr. Stephen Domenig MD, “The Alkaline Cure“, and Dr. Eva-Maria Kraske MD, “The Acid-Alkaline Balance“. Dr. Kraske’s book is available in German, French, and Spanish, but not in English. An acid-alkaline balance is not a new idea, although the connection to food …

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