“The Contagion Myth” by Tom Cowan MD and Sally Fallon Morell – book review

Dr. Cowan MD questions the germ theory of disease, including the conventional explanations of infections and what are believed to be contagious diseases. He defends the idea that such afflictions result from too much exposure and an accumulation of environmental toxins in the air, water, and food in the body. Chronic disease or even a …

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Raw chocolate

Raw chocolate This is a quick, easy recipe to make your own home-made raw chocolate. You can add your own ingredients to flavor the chocolate. Raw cacao powder is made from ground cacao beans. Depending on the soil where it was grown, the farmer’ s practices, and the processing, raw cacao powder can have abundant …

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For sailing

Recipes for sailing You cannot satisfy everybody. On a boat, at close quarters, if the sleeping and the eating arrangements are harmonious, harmony can prevail among the crew. With this in mind, I suggest preparing meals according to the ABO blood type. If this idea is new to you, it may seem crazy or irrational, …

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What I would take if …

What I would take if … I am not a doctor. This does not prohibit me from writing what I would take myself, if I felt weak, inflamed, or discomfort in certain parts of my body. I am selling nothing listed here, and nothing works for everybody. A low dose for one person may be …

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Carob brownies

Carob adds a sweet taste to brownies vaguely similar to chocolate. Unlike chocolate, carob has no caffeine nor theobromine, but it does have calcium and other nutrients. If you are sensitive to chocolate, carob is a healthy substitute. I also add ginger and stevia for flavor.   Brownies – without sugar, dairy, and wheat


Forum – “Health Food Conspiracy” club This is a private club for members to exchange information only. Is this to be a community with groups and activity streams (messages from members), or is it to be organized by topics (food combining, acid-alkaline balance, blood type eating, and on on), or both?


Cancel membership in “Health Food Conspiracy” club This option is to cancel membership at any time after the first month, including the courses, videoconferences, and online forum. Cancellation is to require a brief text with evaluation or constructive criticism.  

Why skip seed oils?

Why skip seed oils? How? Overview Commonly known as “vegetable oils”, seed oils include corn, cottonseed, soy, canola, peanut, sesame, rice bran, grape seed, and sunflower oils. They are typically refined, bleached, and deodorized. They result from high heat, high pressure, chemical solvents, and deodorization.  They are not “heart healthy“. They were originally used to …

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Order confirmation

Order confirmation An order confirmation page is generated by the membership plugin, Paid Memberships Pro, but is an order confirmation not to be emailed to the customer who paid? The sequence from the customer’s point of view, offer, selection, checkout, confirmation, and log in is to be specified here.

Access restricted

Access restricted This is the message to be displayed, if someone goes to a post or a page this is limited to members. This is displayed on the menu for planning and discussion.  

Billing information

Billing information A billing information page is to be generated by the membership plugin, Paid Memberships Pro. This is to be specified.


Invoice An invoice page is to be generated by the membership plugin, Paid Memberships Pro, including: billing in € VAT (and exemption with a valid VAT number) name and address of the customer This is to be marked Paid and emailed me to the customer after the collection (and is only displayed on this menu …

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Why? Would you like to reach a healthy weight, naturally? What if you could learn how to forget about calories? You can lose weight effortlessly by changing your eating habits. How? You can start to personalize your nutrition in three steps. It’s NOT about a “diet”, it’s NOT about supplements, and it’s vegan-agnostic. It’s about …

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Comparison of health & weight loss service offers There are many other offers of weight loss and natural health services. Some of them offer excellent information about health via food. A few are designed or endorsed by medical doctors. They include books, websites, online courses, offline courses, conferences, some unnconventional medical doctors, and so on. …

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Counseling This level of membership includes personal, individual coaching in person (in Belgium) or remotely by videoconference, weekly, for thirty minutes. The purpose of this is to listen to the customer, her goals, her passions, and her struggles. Online bookings? How to record progress and results? What plugins or techniques to use to make books …

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myMealPlan This is for Counseling members only to : to formulate meal plans and to compile shopping lists.   This is to apply the ideas of health via food to the individual and to seasonal, locally available, preferably unprocessed and organic foods. The suggestion is to modify habits gradually, step-by-step, meal after meal.


myFavorites This option is for individual Workshop and Counseling members to store their favorite recipes in their browser. The idea is to apply the ideas of health via food and to adapt recipes and ingredients to the person for their health via their food. For example, all of the recipes exclude refined sugar, cow’s dairy, …

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Checkout (order & collect/pay)

Checkout -> Order and collect/pay Example -> checkout and collect/pay page, using PMP Pro Possible examples – Weight Watchers Push40Fitness Simply Real Life Healthmeans   others – ? how to keep checkout on the same site ? ? – option to choose membership level (Workshop or Counseling) on Checkout post/page or on previous screen …

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Bean ragout (A)

Bean ragout (A) There are many possible variations of beans with vegetables. For example, you could substitute lentils for beans. Bhavana Patil, from Harihar, a small town in Karnataka, India, publishes her list of healthy lentil and bean recipes on her blog, Indian Veggie Delight. My healthy vegan friend Francis gave me this recipe for …

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Rice pilaf (A)

Rice pilaf (A) My healthy vegan friend Francis gave me this recipe. He often cooks himself rice with vegetables, starting with camargue rice, red rice from the Camargue region of France. This rice may have certain nutrients or minerals that make it particularly nutritious for him and popular with many others. Beware that white (refined) …

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Oatmeal (A)

Oatmeal (A) This recipe includes oats, healthy nuts or seeds, and spices. This recipe is not strict. You can vary the ingredients. For example, you could substitute: buckwheat, millet, or quinoa for the oats, flax seeds, hemp seeds, walnuts, or almonds for the pumpkin seeds,  cinnamon for the ginger or clove, and good-quality raw honey …

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