Membership offer – “Health Food Cabal” club

It’s not a theory. It’s a private club, “The Health Food Cabal“.

There is now a waiting list for membership in the club. Please leave your email to be informed, when the club is open.

Regain health.
Lose weight effortlessly.
Exchange information with other, like-minded, health-conscious people.

Personalize your nutrition.
Forget about calories.
Think about health, not weight.

If you or anybody else are in a crisis or in danger, do NOT use this site. No medical advice is offered. Nothing here is intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any medical condition. If you have a medical problem, see a doctor. This club is for the private exchange of information between consenting adults only. If there is an emergency, if you are in Europe, you can call 112 in any country.

This private club has three membership levels, including:

Level DIY Workshops Counseling
What is included news,
sexy seven recipes
monthly online workshops,
month-end videoconference,
online forum,
members” recipes,
personal counseling
individual recipes, meal plans, and shopping lists (by videoconference or in person in Belgium)
Price Free to be decided to be decided
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Offer by video

This content requires membership.
There is a waiting list for membership in "The Health Food Conspiracy".
To add your name to the list, please enter your name and email address when prompted.
Thanks for your patience and understanding.
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