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Bio Brussels

This article is simply an overview of the retail market for organic food in the local Brussels, Belgium area in 2021, including a partial listing of shops and nearby farms. This listing is not complete. It is also not an endorsement of any supplier. Nobody sponsored this survey. Buyer beware. Of course, you can now buy some organic food in supermarkets, but the smaller shops tend to be closer to their local suppliers, more flexible, and more transparent with their customers.

Brussels has many small, independent organic food shops. My favorite is Bioshop Den Teepot on rue Chartreux 66 near the Bourse. They have been there for years. Operated by three brothers, they are oriented towards vegans, with a selection of fresh, organic vegetables and fruits, and some grains, beans, and legumes in bulk. They have a vegan restaurant upstairs open for lunch only, when they are open.

Carnivores are not excluded at Bioshop Den Teepot, but The Barn Bio chain carries organic beef, ground pork, and chicken. They have four shops in the Brussels area and one in Antwerp. To their credit, The Barn Bio lists their suppliers on their website. They even carry locally grown mushrooms from Le Champignon de Bruxelles and locally produced organic chocolate from Nao. Their prices are competitive with the supermarkets. To keep costs low, you bring your own container and packaging. You can also buy containers there.

Färm is another chain of organic shops in Brussels, Leuven, and elsewhere in Belgium. Their business name is pronounced like “ferme” in French, but spelled like “farm” in English, but with a German umlaut. This is a cute name, but it can be confusing at first, if you do not already speak and read German, French, and English. They are clearly aiming for the European market, and their prices tend to reflect this. They have some fresh produce, but they tend to fill their shops with packaged goods. They appear to list their local produce suppliers on their website.  Interbio is a distributor of organic vegetables and fruits that supplies Färm and other retail customers all over Belgium. They also have a transparent supplier list.

Since 1988, still another local chain of organic food shops is Sequoia, but they do not list their suppliers. They appear to be oriented toward vegetarians and vegans only. If you bring your own washable and reusable containers, you can get five percent off their prices of vegetables, fruits, and bulk products. Similarly, Origin’O is another local chain of organic shops, but they do not list their suppliers either.

The Food Shop is another organic shop. They buy mostly from small- and mid-sized local farmers, many of whom are local. They list their suppliers on their website. They also take orders online and deliver. They have a shop in Molenbeek near Metro Comte de Flandre and another shop in Leuven next to the train station.

If you want to buy and eat organic food in Brussels, you are spoilt for choice.

This article includes details of some local, organic farms that supply the chains. It also includes some organic producers listed by Nature & ProgresBioForum in Flanders (or for business customers only), and their cousin in Wallonia, BioWallonie. We visited the following farms and learned the following:

Maxime Steeenhaut
Les Potagers de Chaumont
Chemin du Dieu Aimant, 1
1325 Chaumont
0476/761 003
They supply The Barn Bio with local, seasonal organic vegetables and fruit. Their own shop is closed because of covid policy as of 12/2/21.

Nicolas et Natalie
La Ferme des Noyers
31 rue des Corbeaux
1325 Corroy-le-Grand
010/688 930
They supply The Barn Bio with organic beef, turkey, lamb, eggs, and vegetables (?). Order online before Wednesday 19h for pickup in the shop Friday morning until 13h. Surplus to orders is available at 15h. Order online before Thursday 19h for pickup in the shop Saturday morning until 13h. Surplus to orders is available at 3 pm.

La Ferme du Chant des Cailles
avenue des Cailles (en face du n°32)
1170 Watermael-Boitsfort
Open Sundays 13h – 17h, March to October, they have an organic farm with a CSA (self-harvest) concept (Agriculture Soutenue par la Communauté/ASC). Membership is 270 – 450 € per year. They have a waiting list to join.

La Finca
Perkstraat (prox. av. Du Roy Deblicky et rue de la Limite)
Wezembeek-Oppem 1970
Cooperative farm at the end of tram 39, which leaves from Metro Montgomery. They offer shares in exchange for discounts at their shop. They also have a non-profit, where you can work four hour per month in exchange for a discount at the shop.


Nathalie Bodart
Ferme du Trieu
22 rue du Trieu Gilson
6280 Joncret
071/322 091
They supply GASAP (group purchases direct from the farm) in Brussels with vegetables, grains, and yogurt. They also have their own shop, which is open Saturdays 10-11h30. You order Tuesday for pickup Wednesday, or else you order Thursday evening for pickup Friday or Saturday.

JL Feyers, Nicolas Feyers
Ferme du Grand Bois
Rue des Hauts Droits, 99
6280 Lausprelle (Gerpinnes)
071-501 178
JL – 0473/816 000, Nicolas – 0476/886 172
They have a shop open Monday to Friday, 16-18h and Saturday 10-14h. They offer organic eggs, chickens, seasonal vegetables, and potatoes.

Andy De Paepe
Le Jardin des Saules
Chaussée de Nivelles 76
1461 Haut-Ittre
They supply local, seasonal (and some imported) vegetables, fruits, milled flour (wheat, spelt, rye), pasta, honey, and juice. They also offer a contract weekly vegetable basket – leaf, root, flower, herb (AMAP). Their shop is open Fridays 10-18h and Saturdays 10-16h. Seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Le Champignon de Bruxelles
Les Caves de Cureghem
rue Ropsy Chaudron 24, boite 26
1070 Bruxelles
0496-60 38 27
They supply The Barn Bio with shitake, maitake, oyster mushrooms, and other mushrooms. They feed their mushrooms the dregs of organic beer and wood pellets (nitrogen and carbon). They also offer two-hour guided tours of their 3.000 square metre mushroom farm in the cellar underneath the former Anderlecht slaughterhouse. They show you an overview of their process and production. If you eat mushrooms, it is worth a tour. Above ground on that site is the open air covered market (between Metro Clemenceau and Delacroix) open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 7h to 14h. There you can buy mostly conventional vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish.


Madame D’halluin
Ferme du Four à Verre
Ferme de Four à Verre, 1
6441 Erpion
They supply Farm and The Barn Bio with eggs. They say that they are the only farm in Belgium to produce, harvest and process most of the food they feed their chickens. So they are more than 70% self-sufficient.

Gwenaël du Bus
la Ferme du Peuplier
Rue de la Bryle, 59
1390 Bossut Gottechain
tel – +32(493) 19 18 99
They supply open air markets in Brussels every day all week long with organic vegetables.

Bio Champ d’Ail sprl
rue de la Vallée 11
6120 Ham-sur-Heure (Nalinnes)
tel – 071-217 858, 0476-475 638
They grow fruits and vegetables, including leeks, cauliflower, broccoli, and potatoes, pumpkins, courgettes, cabbages, and others. They supply farmers’ markets in Wallonia, the organic market every Wednesday morning at Place Saint-Cahterine, and a buyers’ group in Brussels.

Françoise Walthéry (communication), Laurence Lewalle (coordination)
Les Groupements d’Achats Solidaires de l’Agriculture Paysanne (GASAP)
Rue de la Croix de Pierre, 85
1060 Saint-Gilles
Rue Fritz Toussaint 8 – Boîte A1
1050 Ixelles
T. : 0487 90 62 69, corodination@
– emailed 25 jan

Didier Crick
Les Paniers Verts
Rue du Centre 71
1404 Bornival, Belgium
tel – 0479 17 08 57
Fruit & Vegetable Store · Farm · Agricultural Cooperative



Philippe Carré
Les Folies Maraichères
Rue du Commerce 147
7370 Elouges
+32 478 51 68 22
Commandez vos fruits et légumes bio via le site Internet et réceptionnez la commande dans un point de dépôt (plus de livraison à domicile).

Ferme Nos Pilifs is the only farm still left in the nineteen communes. They hired the disabled to pack and ship weekly boxes of their production of vegetables and fruits. The catch is that you do not get to choose what you receive in your weekly delivery.

De Groentelaar is a small farm that also supplies the The Barn Bio Market.

De Wakkere Akker
Blakstraat 53
3020 Herent
Jonas Vleugels 0486-413 478
Sam De Wandel 0475 711 730
Nik Smets 0484-719 831
This is an organic self-harvest (CSA) farm near Leuven. They present their farm on certain evenings, but the presentation on 28 March was cancelled. Individual visits are possible. Membership is 325 € per year for an adult.

De Witte Beek
achter de huizen van Hoogstraat 38 – 46
3360 Bierbeek
Jen Nold
0479-530 066
This is another organic self-harvest (CSA) farm south of Leuven. Membership is 360 € per year for an adult.

oogsttuin Eoster
This is another organic self-harvest (CSA) farm. For visits,  call Peter on 0471/070 258, 016-445 127. Membership is 450 € per year for an adult.

Grote Keistraat
Greet,  info(at) of 0486/057 434.
They have a CSA concept, but appear to deliver weekly baskets to pick-up locations. A share is 540 € or 15.43 per basket.
– Brussels chocolate factory supplies the The Barn, Färm and others. Also offers chocolate in bulk.

Julien Hanse
Le champ de l’Alouette
36, Rue du Pont d’Yves
5650 Yves-Gomezée (Walcourt)
This farm appears to have been closed.

1090 Jette
This CSA (self-harvest) farm is already fully subscribed for 2021 for 365 € per year.

La Ferme du GaSi
Chaussée de Namur 99b
1315 Incourt
store open Wednesday and Saturday, 10-17h, Friday, 10-18h
They grow organic fruits and vegetables and also import produce. Their website has an updated list of available fruits, vegetables, and prices. You can also find them at weekly open air markets.

Can you read Dutch? Interested in starting a garden? Eetbare Tuin is an excellent resource with many articles and videos, some of them in English.

Den Teepot

The Barn

The Food Hub



Bio Guide – Bxl – list of producers


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