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Cancel membership in “Health Food Conspiracy” club This option is to cancel membership at any time after the first month, including the courses, videoconferences, and online forum. Cancellation is to require a brief text with evaluation or constructive criticism.  

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Order confirmation

Order confirmation An order confirmation page is generated by the membership plugin, Paid Memberships Pro, but is an order confirmation not to be emailed to the customer who paid? The sequence from the customer’s point of view, offer, selection, checkout, confirmation, and log in is to be specified here.

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Invoice An invoice page is to be generated by the membership plugin, Paid Memberships Pro, including: billing in € VAT (and exemption with a valid VAT number) name and address of the customer This is to be marked Paid and emailed me to the customer after the collection (and is only displayed on this menu

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Comparison of health coaching service offers There are many offers of health coaching, weight loss methods, and natural health services. Some of them offer excellent information about health via food. A few are designed or endorsed by medical doctors. They include books, websites, online courses, offline courses, conferences, some unnconventional medical doctors, and so on.

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Counseling This level of membership includes personal, individual coaching in person (in Belgium) or remotely by videoconference, weekly, for thirty minutes. The purpose of this is to listen to the customer, her goals, her passions, and her struggles. Online bookings? How to record progress and results? What plugins or techniques to use to make books

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myMealPlan This is for Counseling members only to : to formulate meal plans and to compile shopping lists.   This is to apply the ideas of health via food to the individual and to seasonal, locally available, preferably unprocessed and organic foods. The suggestion is to modify habits gradually, step-by-step, meal after meal.

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myFavorites This option is for individual Workshop and Counseling members to store their favorite recipes in their browser. The idea is to apply the ideas of health via food and to adapt recipes and ingredients to the person for their health via their food. For example, all of the recipes exclude refined sugar, cow’s dairy,

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Checkout (order & collect/pay)

Checkout -> Order and collect/pay Example -> checkout and collect/pay page, using PMP Pro Possible examples – Weight Watchers Push40Fitness Simply Real Life Healthmeans   others – ? how to keep checkout on the same site ? ? – option to choose membership level (Workshop or Counseling) on Checkout post/page or on previous screen

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Workshops – “HealthViaFood” club member “How to lose weight effortlessly and naturally” The first step is to record, edit, and produce a series of audio-videos that capture the ideas in a series of brief segments, including English subtitles to start with. Recording is to be done with loom (or Camtasia), including slides (powerpoint) with the

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Account – “Health Food Conspiracy” club member Details to be displayed individually Name membership level – Workshops or 1:1 Coaching date joined expiration of membership ? – other details to be displayed on this page ? – lessons completed ? – link to forum post/page if logged in ? – link to course home page/post if

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Login – “Health Food Conspiracy” club Responsive social login – example Mockup of signup/login page with google and facebook “social login” options – droplr example Here is the miniOrange shortcode for social login, with a google test account activated:   The same login page to have member login, new member registration (sign-in), and reset password?

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Offer – Membership – “myHealthViaFood” The main benefit of this membership is the extra information, members’ recipes, workshops, conferences, forums, and email support available only to members. The members’ content is based on the ideas found in the DIY category of articles. With no commercial sponsor (other than members’ fees), the membership is in a

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myHealthViaFood The idea is to offer two function to paying members only: to store their favorite recipes among the many that could be researched and added, following the guidelines of health via food compared with many recipes (no sugar, no cow’s dairy, no wheat, separating starch and protein,  separating fruit and protein, and substituting pure

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