Forum – “Health Food Conspiracy” club This is a private club for members to exchange information only. Is this to be a community with groups and activity streams (messages from members), or is it to be organized by topics (food combining, acid-alkaline balance, blood type eating, and on on), or both?

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Why? Would you like to reach a healthy weight, naturally? What if you could learn how to forget about calories? You can lose weight effortlessly by changing your eating habits. How? You can start to personalize your nutrition in three steps. It’s NOT about a “diet”, it’s NOT about supplements, and it’s vegan-agnostic. It’s about …

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Oatmeal This recipe includes a grain (or pseudo-grain), healthy nuts or seeds, and spices. You can vary the ingredients. For example you can substitute: buckwheat, millet, or quinoa for the oats, pumpkin seeds, hemps seeds, walnuts, or almonds for the flax seeds, ginger or clove for the cinnamon, and good-quality raw honey or date syrup …

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How to apply

How to apply How to apply these ideas about health via food to you, specifically? The objective is to lose weight and to gain health. Are you willing to change your eating habits? Do you truly desire good health? What is your blood type – O, A, B, or AB? If you are not sure, …

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Bio Brussels

Bio Brussels This article is simply an overview of the retail market for organic food in the local Brussels, Belgium area in 2021, including a partial listing of shops and nearby farms. This listing is not complete. It is also not an endorsement of any supplier. Nobody sponsored this survey. Buyer beware. Of course, you …

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