Learning to Garden

Learning to Garden With about forty-five square meters of raw, unused land for a garden and a desire to grow my own food, I found a local company, Vertdiris.net, who will supply me with containers of recycled plastic and their know-how. The goal is to compost the fruit and vegetable scraps and to grow spinach, …

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Corporate prospects in Brussels for conferences and health coaching services include: Proximus Sibelgaz Engie ING BNP Paribas Fortis KBC Axa Ageas (formerly Fortis insurance) BNY Mellon Sofina IBM Siemens SAP Volkswagen (1200) Toyota (113) Umicore Solvay Deloitte Touche KPMG EY PWC Accenture Colruyt UCB Trends may have information about local companies, their personnel managers, and …

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Meeting – jitsi

Online videoconferences A free jitsi account accepts 25 active users per month. Overage charge is $1/month. Recording costs .01 per minute plus tax. An upgraded account can accept up to 300 active users per months cost $99 per month. It may be easier to use than zoom, but costs more after the free version. Scheduling …

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Recipes Most of these recipes are quick, easy, nourishing, and inexpensive. For me, cooking at home is the best way to save money and enjoy healthy food. These recipes use common ingredients, foods, herbs, and spices that are widely available. Using the same basic recipe, you can vary the ingredients and spices to prepare different …

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Miso soup

Miso soup is fermented soybean that is a traditional food in Japan. If you have no time or interest to ferment the soybean, then miso paste is available. Miso can also be made from chickpeas, brown rice, barley, adzuki beans, leeks, and others. Good-quality, pasteurized miso paste and little or no heat to the paste …

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Borscht is red beet soup that is a traditional dish found in eastern Europe and Russia, where the winters can be long and cold. The beets are a vegetable source of iron. There are many variations of the recipe, but they all include a beet, an onion, horseradish, and water. Red beet soup with horseradish

Real lemonade

Real lemonade Quick and easy to prepare, real lemonade has the vitamins and minerals and the sour taste of the lemon, but also the natural sweetness of the stevia. real lemonade with lemon, water, and stevia

Fitness studios

Fitness studios Local Brussels prospects for collaboration and promotion of health coaching services include Basic-Fit (results), Aspria, and others. The following is a list of local fitness centers in Brussels, according to The Bulletin. Aspria Spa and health club with three sites in Brussels. Families are welcome. Basic Fit No-frills gym with dozens of locations …

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“The Contagion Myth” by Tom Cowan MD and Sally Fallon Morell – book review

Dr. Cowan MD questions the germ theory of disease, including the conventional explanations of infections and what are believed to be contagious diseases. He defends the idea that such afflictions result from too much exposure and an accumulation of environmental toxins in the air, water, and food in the body. Chronic disease or even a …

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Raw chocolate

Raw chocolate This is a quick, easy recipe to make your own home-made raw chocolate. You can add your own ingredients to flavor the chocolate. Raw cacao powder is made from ground cacao beans. Depending on the soil where it was grown, the farmer’ s practices, and the processing, raw cacao powder can have abundant …

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For sailing (or hiking)

Recipes for sailing (or hiking) You cannot satisfy everybody. On a boat, at close quarters, if the sleeping quarters and the eating and cleaning arrangements are harmonious, then harmony tends to prevail. With this in mind, I suggest preparing meals according to the ABO blood type. If this idea is new to you, it may …

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What I would take if …

What I would take if … I am not a doctor. This does not prohibit me from writing what I would take myself, if I felt weak, inflamed, or discomfort in certain parts of my body. I am selling nothing listed here, and nothing works for everybody. A low dose for one person may be …

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Forum – “Health Food Conspiracy” club This is a private club for members to exchange information only. Is this to be a community with groups and activity streams (messages from members), or is it to be organized by topics (food combining, acid-alkaline balance, blood type eating, and on on), or both?

Oatmeal (A)

Oatmeal (A) This recipe includes oats, healthy nuts or seeds, and spices. This recipe is not strict. You can vary the ingredients. For example, you could substitute: buckwheat, millet, or quinoa for the oats, flax seeds, hemp seeds, walnuts, or almonds for the pumpkin seeds, cinnamon for the ginger or clove, and good-quality raw honey …

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How to apply

How to apply How to apply these ideas about health via food to you, specifically? The objective is to lose weight and to gain health. Are you willing to change your eating habits? Do you truly desire good health? What is your blood type – O, A, B, or AB? If you are not sure, …

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Bio Brussels

Bio Brussels This article reviews the market for organic food in the local Brussels, Belgium area, as of 2022, including a partial listing of shops, suppliers, and nearby farms. This listing is not complete. It does not endorse any supplier. Nobody sponsored this survey. Buyer beware. Of course, you can buy some organic food in …

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Detoxifying – briefly The reality of life in a post-industrial world is that we live in a toxic world. Get used to it. Do not be afraid. Do you live near a factory, the site of a former factory, a coal-fired power plant, a major highway, or an airline flight path? If so, could you …

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