beverages, soups, smoothies, vegetables, legumes, cereals;, meat, fish, & eggs, …; “desserts” sugar-free, dairy-free and wheat-free

Recipe list

Recipes – summary For my own health myself and the pleasure of eating nourishing food, most of what I cook are: smoothies, such as organic green (leafy vegetable) or fruit smoothies, with either ginger, clove, or cinnamon; nuts, and stevia (natural sugar substitute), plus whole food supplements or vitamins, such as chlorella, reishi or he …

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Vegan or paleo?

Vegan or paleo? Overview There is no one-size-fits-all set of healthy eating habits for everybody. This article reviews the following sets of eating habits to prompt you to think for yourself about this question and what is healthy for you: Vegan, Paleo, Ketogenic, Macrobiotic, Gerson, Budwig, Weight Watchers. The following table lists each set of …

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