Chocolate chia pudding

Chocolate chia pudding

This recipe has only four ingredients – chia seeds, water, cacao powder, and pure stevia. It is better to use real cacao. Chia seeds absorb water. If you add about four times the volume of the seeds as water and then wait twenty minutes, you have a pudding. You can also blend this, or you can let it sit overnight, and it is even more like pudding.

Before you serve it, you add a teaspoon or more of dark chocolate powder and another teaspoon or more of good-quality powdered stevia stevia leaf or twelve drops of pure stevia extract. You then have chocolate chia pudding. This suits both vegans and carnivores at the end of a meal. Nuts and seeds are digested more slowly than beans or meat, according to Dr. Herbert Shelton and food combining.

You can also substitute ground flax seeds for the chia seeds. You can also substitute carob powder for the cocoa powder, if you are sensitive to cocoa. See this brief video from Rouxbe, a supplier of online vegan cooking courses, with tips about soaking chia seeds and ground flax seeds.

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Another simple recipe from Indigo Herbs is to make your own raw chocolate. You could substitute stevia for agava and peppermint oil for vanilla.

Chocolate chia pudding

Three-ingredient chocolate pudding
Prep Time 20 mins
Cuisine A type, AB type, B type, O type


  • 2 tablespoons chia seeds
  • 120 milliliters water
  • 1 teaspoon raw chocolate powder
  • 12 drops pure stevia extract (or ½ to 1 teaspoon powdered stevia leaf)


  • Put stevia in a small glass bowel.
  • Add water and stir.
  • Wait ten minutes until the chia seeds absorb the water, and stir some more.
  • Wait until the mixture has the consistency of puddiing. Optionally, put the pudding in a food processor and grind the pudding.
  • Add the chocolate and stevia.
  • Optionally add a few almonds or other nuts.


This dessert is sugar-, dairy-, and wheat-free. At the end of a meal, it follows proper food combining.

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