Corporate wellness

Corporate wellness

A healthy employee is a happy employee.

Getting healthy can even be a team sport, if individuals choose healthy food and exercise together. Perhaps what is healthy food or exercise for some may not be healthy food or exercise for others. HealthViaFood makes it possible for your individual employees to personalize their nutrition, to forget about calories, and I am promoting supplements.

If you can bring your employees ideas that they can use to get healthy, if they also choose to participate in the learning, then they are more likely to apply the ideas and to get healthy.

Specificially, I offer to present the main ideas of HealthViaFood in a series of lunchtime (or afterwork) live presentations, including questions and answers. The main ideas are:

These ideas work for many people. If the individual applies an idea consistently, then they can expect results in two to three weeks with eighty percent certainty; References are included in the course material (at the end of each article).

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