This list of books is for reference and self-study. All authors have their own opinions, and naturally some of them contradict each other. Different opinions can be confusing. To resolve the contradictions, you simply need to think for yourself. As Dr. Herbert Shelton wrote, “look for the truth, and your health will follow“. The list is first sorted by specific idea, nutrients, herbs & spices, recipes, and other, and then by author. If you have little time, I suggest you read the books marked with an double-asterisk (**) first. These are also the most widely translated. If you have more time, then you might compare the books marked with an single-asterisk (*). None of these ideas are new. Most of them have been described in many languages by other authors for many years. In general, if I find an idea that is independently described by two medical doctors who can write about it clearly, then I tend to accept it, even if it is subversive. I have read most but not all of these books.

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