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Brownies This is a paleo recipe, suitable for blood type O and all blood types. Almond flour can be a healthy substitute for wheat flour. This recipe can use chocolate powder or carob. Unlike chocolate, carob has no caffeine nor theobromine, but it does have calcium and other nutrients. Carob adds a sweet taste vaguely […]

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Bean ragout (A)

Bean ragout (A) There are many possible variations of beans with vegetables. For example, you could substitute lentils for beans. Bhavana Patil, from Harihar, a small town in Karnataka, India, publishes her list of healthy lentil and bean recipes on her blog, Indian Veggie Delight. My healthy vegan friend Francis gave me this recipe for

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Rice pilaf (A)

Rice pilaf (A) My healthy vegan friend Francis gave me this recipe. He often cooks himself rice with vegetables, starting with camargue rice, red rice from the Camargue region of France. This rice may have certain nutrients or minerals that make it particularly nutritious for him and popular with many others. Beware that white (refined)

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Oatmeal (A)

Oatmeal (A) This recipe includes oats, healthy nuts or seeds, and spices. You can vary the ingredients. For example, you could substitute: buckwheat, millet, or quinoa for the oats, flax seeds, hemp seeds, walnuts, or almonds for the pumpkin seeds, cinnamon for the ginger or clove, and good-quality raw honey or date syrup for the

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Grüner Smoothie

Grüner Smoothie Ein grüner Smoothie kann eine Vorspeise oder eine vollständige Mahlzeit sein. Sie können einen grünen Smoothie zum Frühstück, Mittag- oder Abendessen zubereiten. Grünes Gemüse, wie Spinat, Mangold oder Grünkohl, enthält Chlorophyll, das “Blut” der Pflanze. Magnesium, das sich im Zentrum des Chlorophylls befindet, macht das Chlorophyll grün, ähnlich wie Eisen das Blut rot

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