None of these links are sponsored nor affiliated in any way with HealthViaFood. These links are for your (and for my) reference only. I try to link to quality resources, but I am not responsible for their practices, privacy policy, terms of service, content, or news feeds. I suggest that you do your own research and compare, using other websites, books, courses, a library, or other sources. Buyer beware.


If the doctor’s website includes recipes or details of nutrients, then the link is duplicated, with the health link to the home page and the food link to the page with the details of recipes or nutrients. If you have a medical condition, see a doctor.

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Nota bene. I have no financial ties to any of these doctors, suppliers, websites nor to their editors. “MD” means “medical doctor”. “DC” means “doctor of chiropractic”. “ND” means “naturopathic doctor”. “DDS” means “doctor of dental science”. Some MDs are disdainful of DCs and NDs. All of them are allowed to call themselves “doctor” in some places. The legislation related to health services is national, by state or province, and local. Buyer beware.

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