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Offre d’adhésion – “ Complot sur les aliments sains ” club Il y a maintenant une liste d’attente pour l’adhésion au club. Veuillez laisser votre email pour être informé de l’ouverture du club. Ce n’est pas une théorie. C’est un privé club, “ La conspiration des aliments sains “. Si vous ou quelqu’un d’autre êtes …

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Cancel membership in “Health Food Conspiracy” club This option is to cancel membership at any time after the first month, including the courses, videoconferences, and online forum. Cancellation is to require a brief text with evaluation or constructive criticism.  


myMealPlan This is for Counseling members only to : to formulate meal plans and to compile shopping lists.   This is to apply the ideas of health via food to the individual and to seasonal, locally available, preferably unprocessed and organic foods. The suggestion is to modify habits gradually, step-by-step, meal after meal.


myFavorites This option is for individual Workshop and Counseling members to store their favorite recipes in their browser. The idea is to apply the ideas of health via food and to adapt recipes and ingredients to the person for their health via their food. For example, all of the recipes exclude refined sugar, cow’s dairy, …

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Recipes – index

Recipes – index Most of these recipes are quick, easy, nourishing, and inexpensive. They use common ingredients, foods, herbs, and spices available in Europe and North America.  No special equipment is required, except a knife, a cutting board, a potato peeler, a blender, a pot, a steamer basket, a frying pan (of cast iron or …

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Workshops – “Health Food Conspiracy” club member “How to lose weight slowly and effortlessly” The first step is to record, edit, and produce a series of videos that capture the ideas in brief five-minutes segments, including subtitles. They are to use loom, veed, and vimeo for recording, editing, and storing the videos. Loom records screens, …

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myHealthViaFood The idea is to offer two function to paying members only: to store their favorite recipes among the many that could be researched and added, following the guidelines of health via food compared with many recipes (no sugar, no cow’s dairy, no wheat, separating starch and protein,  separating fruit and protein, and substituting pure …

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Recipes – members only

Recipes – members only ? – listing of categories – smoothies…, vegetables…, paleo main…, vegan main…, desserts… (? – courses) ? – notation of ABO blood type by recipe and ingredient ? – paleo, vegan, other (cuisines – ?)     Smoothies, soups, and teas Green smoothie (O, A) Ingredients: spinach (or kale or other leafy …

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