Do your own research, using a library, these websites, other websites, books, or other sources. Some websites listed here are commercial. This is not an endorsement of these suppliers. Buyer beware. This list is divided into:

  • health, mostly licensed individual medical doctors or naturopathic doctors,
  • nutrients, such as minerals, vitamins, and suppliers,
  • food, mostly recipes and herbs,
  • others, such as scientists and others.

If the doctor’s website includes recipes or details of nutrients, then the link is duplicated, with the health link to the home page and the food link to the page with the details of recipes or nutrients. If you have a medical condition, see a doctor.

Nota bene. I have no financial ties to any of these websites nor to their editors. “MD” means “medical doctor”. “DC” means “doctor of chiropractic”. “ND” means “naturopathic doctor”. Some MDs are disdainful of DCs and NDs. All of them are allowed to call themselves “doctor” in some places. The legislation related to health is national, provincial, and local.


Dr. Josh Axe, DC – “Food is medicine” is his motto. His site lists conditions, remedies, recipes, and foods.
Dr. Peter D’Adamo, ND – wrote the book on blood type eating, “Eat Right 4 Your Type“, books
Dr. Mark Hyman, MD – author of “Eat Fat. Get Thin”, books
Dr. David Jockers, DC – functional nutritionist
Dr. Joe Mercola, DC – “Take control of your health” is his motto, books
Dr. Mark Sircus, OMD – advocates “natural allopathic medicine”, books
Dr. Dan Engle, MD – “Medicine is to facilitate the innate healing of the body and mind.”
Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD – “skeptical neurosurgeon”, books
Dr. William Davis, MD – “Create a grain-free lifestyle without sacrificing nutrition, variety, or taste.”
Dr. David Perlmutter, MD – author of “Grain Brain”, calls himself “the empowering neurologist”
Dr. Tom Levy, MD – “how to maintain good health in the face of toxicity”
Dr. Dale Bredesen, MD – Bredesen protocol, “changing the world of Alzheimer’s”, books
Dr. Jay Davidson, DC  – “holistic solutions for those struggling with chronic illness”
Dr. Tom O’Bryan DC – author of “You Can Fix Your Brain”, mold expert, wheat- and dairy-free advocate
Dr. David Brownstein, MD – “There is a lot of misinformation about food in the media.”
Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD – “Regaining health in an unhealthy world requires thinking and acting differently.”
Dr. Peter Osborne, MD – science, functional medicine, author of “No Grain. No Pain.”
Dr. Abram Hoffer, MD – early advocate of orthomolecular methods and niacin, books
Dr. Michael Murray, ND – “healing power of nature”
Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, MD – “surviving mold”
Dr. Laura Koniver, MD – grounding guru, grounding studies, grounding boutique (shielding)
Dr. Kara Fitzgerald, ND – functional medicine, “detoxification via methylation”
Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, MD – advocated self-healing, personalized nutrition and pancreatic enzymes
Dr. John Day, MD – cardiologist with “the longevity plan”
Dr. Dean Ornish, MD – “Your genes are not your fate.”
Dr. Michael Klaper, MD – vegan and advocate “for the body’s ability to heal itself”
Dr. Neal Barnard, MD – vegan, “the truth about dairy and cheese”
Dr. Joel Fuhrman, MD – advocates “the nutritarian diet”, vegan-agnostic
Dr. Keesha Ewers, MD – “healing from the inside out”, helps women heal their childhood trauma, books
Dr. Kelly Brogan, MD – “learn the truth about mental health”
Dr. Jack Kruse, MD – “reversing disease for optimal health”
Dr. Michael Murray – “Within each of us is a tremendous power to heal, the power of nature.”
Dr. Michael Greger, MD – vegan – “What is the healthiest diet (for some people)?”
Dr. Steven Lin, dentist – “Heal your mouth with food.”
Dr. med. Petra Bracht, MD – author, nutritional therapist, videos (German language)
Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, MD – “End Fatigue with Dr. T; Better Energy, Optimal Health”
Dr. Catherine Shanahan, MD – “Repair Your Metabolism for a Better Life.” author of “Deep Nutrition
Riordan Clinic – “holistic, non-toxic treatments and services”, including intravenous vitamin C
Dr. Suzanne Humphries, MD – advocate of vitamin C
Dr. Andrew Weil, MD – advocates “integrative medecine”, nutrition, herbs, supplements, vitamins
Dr. Jill Carnahan, MD – “your functional medecine expert”, healed herself using natural methods
Docteur Thierry Schmitz – French-language naturopathic doctor, “que ton aliment soit ton médicament.”, Belgium

Other docs – Ryan Wohlfert, Jay Davidson, Patricia Kane (mold), William Rea, Joseph Brewer, Neil Nathan, Dietrich Klinghardt, Margreet Vissers (NZ), Gerald Pollack, Jerry Tenant, Steve Hickey, Hillary Roberts.

International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology – “leaders in science-based biological dentistry”
World Alliance for Mercury-free Dentistry – “toward mercury-free dentistry”
Toxic Teeth – information about dental mercury – “Remineralize cavities and repair teeth naturally.”
Paracelsus Clinic – biomedicine, biodentistry, Switzerland
LIM Labs – in French and Dutch, tests for possible nutrient deficiencies, …, Belgium
Cyrex Labs – tests for wheat, dairy, and other food intolerances, US, UK, Canada, Ireland
Oligoscan – non-invasive indicative tests for nutrient deficiencies and metal toxicities, France, Germany
Spectracell Labs – tests for micronutrient deficiencies, USA
Ortho-Analytic – tests for micronutrient deficiencies and toxicity, …, Switzerland – “therapeutic nutrition based on biochemical individuality” – “world’s largest health homesteading website”
MaSanteNaturelle – French-language natural health information

Do your own research

GreenMedInfo – Sayer Ji – searchable database – “the science of natural healing”
Pubmed – database of published scientific studies, searchable by keyword
Wolters Kluwer – – another database of published scientific studies, with summaries for free – health means wealth; thousands of health talks by doctors and scientists
Doctor Yourself – Andrew Saul PhD – “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.”
National Vaccine Information Center – “Your Health. Your Family. Your Choice.” – complete podcast list (radio) by Sean Croxton
Journal of Plant Medecines – “educational resource for information on herbal medicines and food-based therapies”

Om-mij – “practice for personal development and awareness”, Netherlands
The Sacred Voyage – legal ayahuasca retreats, Netherlands
Esalen – “forge new understandings of self and society”, California, USA
Huachuma Wasi – “find your path and touch the heart of existence”, Andes, Peru
Centro Takiwasi – center for the rehabilitation of drug addicts and research on traditional medecines, Peru
Breitenbush Hot Springs – retreat and conference center, Oregon, USA

Rife tutor – theory and practice of weak, low frequency electrical therapy, USA
Myers Detox – Is fatigue ruining your life?, many articles and podcasts, USA
Happy Healthy – Dutch-language website with articles and videos, Netherlands – preserving shamanism’s ancient sacred knowledge
Alan Watts Organization – interpretations of Eastern wisdom for a Western audience
Dr. Hulda Clark – promoted “self-health” – doing it yourself
Fernand Joubert – “Votre santé par la nature – techniques pour guérir sans médicaments et sans pollution”
Medicine Hunter – Chris Kilham, medicinal plant research and encyclopedia
Vegetarian Resource Group – health, environment, ethics
Dagmar von Cramm – live healthy (vegetarian tendency, German language), videos
Foundation Diet and Health, vegan tendency, Swiss multi-lingual site, recipes
Institut Européen de Médecine Naturelle – French-language, online and classroom naturopathy courses

Other free-thinking doctors, whose opinions are available via youtube, include Dr. David Campbell, Dr. Riordan, Dr. Dr. Bob Demaria, Dr. Palevsky, Dr. Wolfson, Dr. Breus, Oram Miller (?), and Martin Pall (?).
In France, Dr. Frederic Saldmann, Henri Joyeux, de Lorgeril and others are also free thinkers. In French, the Association Internationale pour une Médecine Scientifique Indépendante et Bienvaillante has videos –


Supersmart – supplements distributor, Luxembourg
La Royale – supplements distributor, Luxembourg
Nutrisan – supplements distributor, Belgium
Remedios Naturales – Spanish-language, Valencia, Spain, distributes natural remedieis, related blog
Enagic Europe – filtered, alkaline water, made in Japan
Lebenskraft Pur – “ganzheitlich und natürlich”, supplements, Germany
Global Healing Center – “live healthy”, intelligent supplier of supplements, well written blog
Hyperion Herbs, USA – “sourcing the finest Chinese herbs for more than ten years” 
PrimalHerb – mushroom supplier, buyer beware, USA
iHerb – multi-lingual herbs and supplements distributor, ships worldwide from USA and Asia
Real Mushrooms – 100% pure, organic, buyer beware, Canada
NaturalNews – list of books about mushrooms
Henriette’s Herbal – excellent online, searchable herbal reference, since 1995, Helsinki, Finland
Annie’s Remedy – herbal and essential oil reference, since 2005, affiliated with Mountain Herbs
Semaille – organic, physical and online seed shop, organic gardening tips, Belgium
proveg international – European vegan advocacy group, multi-lingual, Belgium, Germany
Sproutmaster – “health-conscious products”, supplier of food-grade H2O2, Canada – excellent database of scientific studies about tropical plants, also lists suppliers
Dr. Edward Group III, ND – “The primary duty of a doctor is to teach not to prescribe.” Detox naturally.
Herbs Info – “learn about herbs, home remedies, and natural health”
Medicinal Herbs – Reference books – list of books and websites for more research
Center for Food Safety – public advocate for healthy food
Nourishing Traditions – Sally Fallon Morrell’s blog, “challenging politically correct nutrition”
The Herb Guide – “taking the mystery out of herbs”
Center for Food Safety – “resisting the industrial model and promoting organic and ecological alternatives”
School of Evolutionary Herbalism – “ancient teaching for the new paradigm of plant medicine”
British Herbal Medical Association – What can herbal medicine offer me?
Functional nutrition alliance – Andrea Nakayam and fifteen-minute podcasts with insights and lessons
MMS Drops – MMS, what it is (sodium chlorite and citric acid), and how to use it


The Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain PhD
Eat drink paleo – Irena Macri – Recipes
Livestrong – recipes
Recipes by Dr. Carnahan
Recipes by Dr. D’Adamo
Recipes by Dr. Hyman
Recipes by Dr. Jockers
Vegan recipes – from the Vegan Society UK
Recipes – Michael Mosley
Recipes – gluten-free – Dr. Osborne
Myers Detox – Recipes – excellent collection by detox expert
South River Miso – excellent supplier of miso (fermented food)

Organic facts
Dr. Christopher’s Herbal Legacy – “Natural Healing with Herbs for a Healthier You”

Pit & Pit, Belgium – Dutch-language supplier of “natural food and herbs”
Baldwins Herbs, UK
Mountain Rose Herbs, USA
Neal’s Yard Herbs, UK
Indigo Herbs, UK – since 2004
Penn Herb Co. Ltd., Philadelphia USA – since 1924, a supplier of herbs
Richters Herbs, Canada – “fifty years of herbs”
Neo Cosmo, Belgium – French-language distributor of liposomal vitamin C (detox)
Jing Herbs – “legendary tonics, since 2002”
Major European Herbs – by Subhuti Dharmananda, Ph.D.

The Grow Network – learn to grow your own food
Grow Your Own Vegetables – “Discover a garden style that’s right for you & your local conditions”

Quicksilver Scientific, USA – “restore then advance your health”, detoxification products and information, Austria – supplements, tinctures, and products for detoxification; approved by Dr. Klinghardt
iHerb, USA – online supplier of supplements, herbs, and other (mostly) natural products since 1997 – “Europe’s premiere raw food and super food resource”, UK


Natural Society – “transform your health naturally”
Soil and Health Library – “Health begins in the soil.”
wake up world – Health
EMF protection – Lloyd Burrell
Take Back Your Power – Why do many local governments oppose the rollout of “smart” utility meters?
Gigahertz Solutions – EMF meters and shielding, Germany
Shielding Technologies – EMF meters and shielding, Netherlands
Stetzer Electric – Stetzer filers of “dirty electricity”, USA
EMF Academy – information about EMF and how you can protect yourself
Electrosmog Rx – payable online course about about the science of EMF risks and how to reduce them
World Alliance for Mercury-free Dentistry – “towards mercury-free dentistry” – Dutch-language listing of “bio” dentists, Belgium – Dutch-language information about amalgam fillings, Belgium
Tagesklinik, Konstanz – German-language clinic, biological dentist, ceramic dental implants, Germany
Nunnally and Freeman – biological dentist, “restore your smile. restore your health.”, Texas, USA
Holistic Solutions – “cutting-edge health solutions when conventional medicine fails you, Arizona, USA
The International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness  – “creating new pathways to health”, NC, USA
Indoor Air Quality Association – “to prevent and solve indoor environmental problems”, NJ, USA
ImmunoLytics – mold detection kits, NM, USA
Dutch test  – hormone testing, OR, USA
Pubmed – database of published scientific studies, searchable by keyword.
CBD Education – various articles and studies about CBD, compiled by a supplier, USA
Vandana Shiva PhD – “Why Organic Food Matters”, author, scientist, activist, India
Health nut news – selected food for thought and insightful articles
Bulletproof blog – articles, podcasts, recipes, video, food for thought
Be Brain Fit – “Better Mind. Better Life.” Beware neurotransmitter testing.
Pixabay – royalty-free images
Pexels – “free stock photos & videos shared by talented creators”
Unsplash – “photos for everyone”
The Emperor Wears No Clothes – Jack Herer
Gust Environmental – “creating health-supporting indoor environments”, information, commercial service, US
techwellness – “mindful living in a digital world”, information and products, US
generationzapped – documentary film about wireless technologies
Y Shield – “EMR Protection”, German supplier
Building Biology Institute – “the science of healthy buildings”, offers courses, training, information, US
It’s Time to Log Off – offers articles, books, digital detox retreats to overcome digital addiction
The Truth about Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide – research library and reports by dozens of MDs