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How to lose weight effortlessly and naturally

The first step is to record, edit, and produce a series of audio-videos that capture the ideas in a series of brief segments, including English subtitles to start with.

Recording is to be done with loom (or Camtasia), including slides (powerpoint) with the speaker’s video stream in the corner, with a five- to ten-minute (?) maximum (+/- 600-1200 words – ?) per segment, using a Rode podcaster microphone and a smartphone (or possibly Nikon) for a camera. This equipment and supplies are available on, here as recommended by Michelle Tam, also here.

Video editing and subtitling (in English, French, and later in other languages) is to be done with veed (or other, such as Camtasia)

Storing the videos online is to be done with vimeo (or other platform).

Let each segment have at most 600-1200 words (five to ten minutes at 120 words per minute spoken), a .ppt presentation, a title, a brief introduction (statement of purpose or intention), illustrations from pexel or pixabay, and possibly royalty-free sound from or other.

Guidelines for these videos are:

  1. Omit all menus at top of screen and show only the slide content (and the speaker, me).
  2. Start with me (or the speaker) in the center of the whole screen, then minimize.
  3. Show book covers (images) of references cited (books by docs).
  4. Then describe the ideas (in a promotional video) one by one in a sentence or two.
  5. Lower the chair and have the camera look down.
  6. Use a good-quality microphone for the sound, camera for the video, and Camtasia software for the recording and editing.
  7. License audio & video clips. Some are free.

Outline – proposed series of monthly courses – video format + course material + quiz

# Lessons & topics Topics Words including references (without references) Notes (as of 22/6/22)
1 Food combining – Why does this work?
– 1-2-3, how to apply
– Drs. Hay & Shelton
– Starch & protein
– Sequence
– Liquids & enzymes
4435 600 words at most per topic (5 minute of audio-video)
2 Acid-alkaline balance – Why does this work?
– What is acidity? What is “pH”?
– What foods from alkaline? What foods form acid?
– Acid-forming foods
– A truly”balanced” diet’
– Optimal balance for you?
3028 600 words at most per topic (5 minute of audio-video)
3 Blood type eating – Why does this work?
– Blood viscosity, ABO, and food
– Acid in the stomach
– Alkaline phosphatase
– How to apply this idea
– Patterns & tendencies
6853 600 words at most per topic (5 minute of audio-video)
4 Detox – Why does this work?
– Environmental toxins
– Avoiding exposure
– Eliminating naturally
– Knowing yourself
12,727 600 words at most per topic (5 minute of audio-video)
5 Chrononutrition – Daily acid wave
– Adapting to nature
– From the start to the end of the day
992 600 words at most per topic (5 minute of audio-video)
6 Replacing – Why?
– Interference with digestion
– Malabsorption of nutrients
– Toxicity
sugar – 4131 (2648)
dairy – 1602
wheat – 2203
seed oils – 1810
600 words at most per topic (5 minute of audio-video)
7 Intermittent fasting – Why does this work?
– Let your metabolism rest
– Autophagy
– Metabolic reset
776 600 words at most per topic (5 minute of audio-video)
8 Biochemical individuality – Variability of nature
– Organ size and capacity
– Enzyme production
– Stomach pH
– Who are You?
2084 600 words at most per topic (5 minute of audio-video)
9 Calorie myth – Nutrients not calories
– Raising metabolism at rest
– Minerals and vitamins
1511 600 words at most per topic (5 minute of audio-video)
10 Macro-nutrients – Oxygen
– Water
– Protein
– Fat
7501 600 words at most per topic (5 minute of audio-video)
11 Minerals & vitamins – Macro-minerals
– Micro-minerals
– Trace elements
– Herbs & spices
9894 & 7060 600 words at most per topic (5 minute of audio-video)
12 Learning to cook – Why bother?
– Equipment
– Smoothies
– Steamed vegetables
– Sauté (or omelet)
600 words at most per topic (5 minute of audio-video)

DIY articles = +/- 47,300 (with references)

Nutrition articles = +/- 30,000 words (with references)



Details – course PLUS online month-end forty-minute workshop

outline course by lessons (ideas) and sets of

course lessons to be available at the start of each month

bite-sized topics (5-15 minute video = 500-1500 spoken words at most) – ?

links to articles (ideas) for reading
assignments – to search to verify
drip one course (idea) per month
mark completion
solicit feedback and evaluation (ratings) after each lesson –
Workshop (at month-end or possibly weekly) about the idea with q&a

Contest among participants, such as month-end for a prize or recognition – ?

Technical details and questions

? – integration between social login, membership (registration & collection), e-learning, email (confirmation,..), forum, recipe user (for evaluation, feedback, and constructive criticism)

refer to private forum,

Lessons (or topics) – max. 5-minute video segments are possible by loom

LearnDash tutorial, LearnDash plugins,

Vimeo, Odysee, or Bitchute for video hosting – ?

Video editing software to be used for editing mp4 (?) videos – to capture, edit, and translate subtitles?, to add images, and presentation slides (powerpoint)

Who could help me with video recording, editing, and videos and giving me the links? (10 links x 3 minutes each for promotion and then 12 links x 40 minutes each (or split into segments) for the course modules) Pierre-Alexander made an offer for ten times 3-5 minute videos and twelve times 30-40 minute videos. Any other offers?

veed is a program could be used to capture subtitles from audio of mp4 files and and create srt file with subtitles to be added to the file. Other video editing programs may make this possible, such as VLC and Camtasia, How to plan to translate the subtitles?

What frame rate (24) and resolution to use for these videos? What size screen to assume?


Access to this page to be restricted to paying members only.


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