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Nota bene. I have no financial ties to any of these doctors, suppliers, websites nor to their editors. “MD” means “medical doctor”. “DC” means “doctor of chiropractic”. “ND” means “naturopathic doctor”. “DDS” means “doctor of dental science”. Some MDs are disdainful of DCs and NDs. All of them are allowed to call themselves “doctor” in some places. The legislation related to health services is national, by state or province, and local. Buyer beware.


Dr. Josh Axe, DC – “food is medicine”, health, nutrition, essential oils, podcasts, RSS, Franklin, TN, USA
Dr. Peter D’Adamo, ND – author, “Eat Right 4 Your Type“, books,  Bridgeport, CT, USA
Dr. Mark Hyman, MD – author, “Eat Fat. Get Thin.“, books, UltraWellnessCenter, podcasts, blog, RSS, Lenox, MA, USA
Dr. David Jockers, DC – functional nutritionist, shingles, podcasts, find a health coach, RSS, Kennesaw, GA, USA
Dr. Joe Mercola, DC – “Take control of your health”, prostate health, books, RSS, Cape Coral, FL, USA
Dr. Edward Group III, ND – “The primary duty of a doctor is to teach not to prescribe.” Detox naturally.
Dr. Mark Sircus, OMD – advocates “natural allopathic medicine”, infection control, books, RSS*
Dr. Dan Engle, MD – “Medicine is to facilitate the innate healing of the body and mind.”, RSS
Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD – “skeptical neurosurgeon”, books, detox, on injections
Dr. William Davis, MD – “Create a grain-free lifestyle without sacrificing nutrition, variety, or taste.”, RSS
Dr. David Perlmutter, MD – author of “Grain Brain“, calls himself “the empowering neurologist”, RSS
Dr. Tom Levy, MD – “good health despite toxicity”, book, review, publisher, newsletters, on spike proteins
Dr. Dale Bredesen, MD – “reversing Alzheimer’s” article, interview, books
Dr. Tom O’Bryan DC – “You Can Fix Your Brain“, mold expert, wheat- and dairy-free, healthtalksonline, RSS*
Dr. David Brownstein, MD – “There is a lot of misinformation about food in the media.”
Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD – “Regaining health requires thinking and acting differently.”, offer, recipes, RSS
Dr. Peter Osborne, MD – science, functional medicine, author of “No Grain. No Pain.“, RSS
Dr. Abram Hoffer, MD – early advocate of orthomolecular methods and niacin, books
Dr. Michael Murray, ND – “healing power of nature”, RSS*
Dr. Laura Koniver, MD – grounding guru, grounding studies, grounding boutique (shielding), Fort Mill, SC, USA, RSS*
Dr. Kara Fitzgerald, ND – functional medicine, “detoxification via methylation”, RSS
Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, MD – (late) advocate of personalized nutrition and pancreatic enzymes, audio, video
Dr. John Day, MD – cardiologist with “the longevity plan”, RSS
Dr. Dean Ornish, MD – “Your genes are not your fate.”
Dr. Keesha Ewers, MD – “healing from the inside out”, helps women heal their childhood trauma, books, RSS*
Dr. Kelly Brogan, MD – “learn the truth about mental health”
Dr. Jack Kruse, MD – “reversing disease for optimal health”, RSS*
Dr. med. Petra Bracht, MD – author, nutritional therapist, videos (German language)
Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, MD – “End Fatigue with Dr. T; Better Energy, Optimal Health”
Dr. Cate Shanahan, MD – author, “Repair Your Metabolism for a Better Life.” “Deep Nutrition“, healthy vs. unhealthy fats and oilsRSS*
Dr. Ron Hunninghake, MDphilosophy, “non-toxic treatments”, intravenous vitamin C, interview, RSS*
Dr. Suzanne Humphries, MD – advocates vitamin C, skeptic, book, related films (fair use)
Dr. Andrew Weil, MD – advocates “integrative medicine”, nutrition, herbs, supplements, vitamins
Dr. Jill Carnahan, MD – “your functional medicine expert”, healed herself using natural methods, RSS
André Roux – French naturopath and bio-energy practitioner, Montpellier, France
ABC Naturopathie – “Mieux vaut prévenir que guérir.“, French-language, articles, courses, Paris, France
Dr. Eddy Bettermann MD – course about live blood analysis; articles about detox, nutrition, Philippines, RSS
Dr. Frank Shallenberger MD – Oxygen Healing Therapies, “the power of oxygen to keep you healthy”
Dr. Andrew Kaufman MDvideos, related video, related book, The Healthy Truth, science, podcasts
Dr. Thomas Cowan MD – “common sense”, natural immunity, details, interview, videos, podcasts, on thinking, RSS
Dr. Christiane Northrup MD – women’s health, “How to Stop Dieting for Good“,  videos, Yarmouth, Maine
Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD  – 5 Levels of Healing, heavy metal detox, spiritual healing, shop, RSS
Dr. Sherry Rogers MD – author of “Detoxify or Die” and other books
Dr. William Rea MD – saw environmental toxins and mold as the cause of diseases
Dr. Jonathan Wright, MD – Tahoma Clinic, natural medicine since 1973, RSS*, Seattle, USA
Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, MD – “surviving mold”, expert in biotoxins, water-damaged buildings, and treatments
Dr. Neil Nathan, MD – holistic medicine, author of “Toxic: Heal Your Body from Mold …“, RSS*
Dr. Trevor Cates, ND – “the spa doctor”, expert on healthy skin, offers essential oils, RSS
Dr. Thierry Schmitz – naturopath, author, passionate about natural medicine, videos, Wavre, Belgium, RSS*
Dr. Peter Breggin, MD – “what your doctor may not know about psychiatric drugs”, Ithaca, NY, USA, RSS
Dr. James Neuenschwander, MD – Bio Energy Medical Center, intravenous vitamin C, Ann Arbor, MI USA
Dr. Susan Blum, MD – author, “immune system recovery plan“, “healing arthritis“, Rye Brook, NT, USA, RSS
Dr. Terry Wahls, MD – healed herself of multiple sclerosis; vegetables, meat, healthy fats, Cleveland, OH, USA, RSS
Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, MD – “the alternative doctor”, booksweight loss, advocates energy medicine, Los Angeles CA, USA, RSS
Dr. Raphael Kellman, MD  – vitamin C, pulsed electromagnetic therapy, microbiome, New York, NY, USA
Dr. Peter Kan DC – Hope Integrative, “functional medicine”, thyroid, digestion, blog, Gilbert, AZ, USA, RSS
Dr. Rodger Murphree DC – “Fibromyalgia: what is it? who? why?”, blog, 5-HTP, training, Birmingham, AL, USA, RSS
Dr. Tieraona Low Dog, MD, “traditional wisdom & modern medicine”, natural immunity, Pecos, NM, USA, RSS
Dr. Amy Kosoff, MD1440 Health, “boutique wellness center”, Bethesda, MD, USA
Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine – alumni listing, Uni. Arizona, podcasts, Tucson, AZ, USA
Dr. Elena Villanueva DC, Modern Holistic Health – “pro-active, addressing root causes”, Austin, TX, USA, RSS
Dr. Ben Goldacre MD – author, public speaker, advocate of transparency of medicine, RSS
Dr. Christian Issels ND – “non-toxic cancer immunotherapy”, father’s related book, Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Dr. Eric Zielinski, DC – Natural Living Family, “aromatherapy and biblical healing”, Kennesaw, GA, USA, RSS*
Dr. Coleen Huber, NMD – NatureWorksBest Cancer Clinic, Tempe, AZ, USA, RSS*
Dr. Simon Yu, MD – internal medicine and integrative medicine, articles, St. Louis, MO, USA, RSS*
Dr. Vernon Coleman, MD – “record of spotting health dangers is second to none”, author, UK
F.X. Mayr Health Centre – “Become healthy. Stay healthy.”, Dr. med. Heiko von Oppeln-Bronikowski, Baabe, Germany
Mayr Kuur aan Zee – detox method Dr. FX Mayr, Drs. Koen en Christine Vandewalle-Verwimp, De Haan, Belgium
Mayr doctor list – medical doctors trained in Dr. Mayr’s detox & nourishment, by country
Dr. Liesbeth Denef, MD – médecine génerale, micronutrition, naturopathie, oxygene, Brussels, Belgium
Dr. Tine Jorgenson – chiropractor, Brussels, Belgium
Carina Harkin, Naturopath – “natural remedies”, herbal tonics, herbal monographs, Galway, Ireland
Environmental Health Center Dallas – “for the environmentally-sensitive”, mold, links, Dallas, TX, USA
Dr. Luis Garcia, MD – “biomagnetism”; seminars, Jaramillo soup, compare, North Brunswick, NJ, USA, RSS
Dr. Isaac Goiz, MD (late) – Biomagnetic Health, “magnets to reestablish natural pH balance”, Columbia, MD, USA, RSS
Helena Guerrero, GlobalBiomagnetism – “training biomagnetism therapists”, Miami, FL, USA
Dr. Dan Beilin, OMDthermography, “nature’s proven methods”, Aptos, CA, USA
Dr. Georgia Ede, MD – “diagnosis:Diet”, “nutritional psychiatry”, Brainwashed, :54 video, USA
Dr. Leo Galland, MD – New York, NY, USA
Dr. Véronque Desaulniers, DC – “breast cancer conqueror”, related, options, Naples, FL, USA
Dr. Paul Saladino, MD – “animal foods have the nutrients we need to thrive”, podcasts, Houston, TX, USA
Dr. Edward Kondrot, MD – eye surgeon, “restore vision without drugs, shots, or surgery”, radio, Tampa, FL, USA, RSS
Dr. Otto Wollf, MD – (late) pediatrician, books
Dr. Hyla Cass, MD – “natural solutions for a vibrant mind”, book, Los Angeles, CA, USA, RSS
Dr. William Li , MD – author, “Eat to Beat Disease“, “how the body heals itself“, Cambridge, MA, USA, RSS*
Dr. Stuart Fischbein, MD – “birthing instincts with Dr. Stu”, “midwifery model”, videos, Calabasas, CA, USA
Dr. Greg Eckel, ND – Nature’s Cure Clinic, “root cause resolution”, podcasts, Portland, OR, USA
Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein MD – “you don’t need to suffer as you have”, herbalist, blog, New York, NY, USA, RSS
Dr. Justin Marchegiani, DC – “functional medicine”, thyroid, blog, podcasts, videos, Austin, TX, USA, RSS
Dr. Dan Pompa, DC – “natural detox health solutions”, fasting, nutrition, podcasts, Park City, UT, USA
Dr. Laara Van Bryce, DC – “Seattle’s premier sleep expert”, Seattle, WA, USA, RSS
Dr. Zane Gray, DC – “gently adjust the spine to heal from the inside out”, why chiropractic?, Greenville, SC, USA
Dr. Marie Matheson, ND – BioHeal Ottawa, “detectives who treat the cause, not the medical label”, Ottawa, Canada, RSS*
Dr. William J. Weirs, MD – “world-renowned environmental, functional & integrative medicine”, Charleston, SC, USA, RSS*
Dr. Zach Bush, MD – promotes permaculture, “embracing the microbiome”, knowledge, Oahu, Hawaii, USA, RSS
Dr. W. Gifford-Jones, MD – Ken Walker, tips, “health and longevity are your lifestyle choices”, Toronto, Canada, RSS
Dr. Cynthia Li, MD – “how doctors are trained to think, and why this needs to change”, Berkeley, CA, USA, RSS
Dr. Erin Kinney, ND – naturopath, “helps women understand chronic stress and their health”, Annapolis, MD, USA, RSS
Dr. Todd LePine, MD – “functional medicine”, “Are you struggling to lose weight?”, videos, Great Barrington, MA, USA, RSS
Anne Zauderer, DC – chiropractor, Prairie Health and Wellness, “live a balanced life”, Wichita, KS, USA
Dr. Ben Johnson, MD, DO, NMD – late, “take control of your health, questions to ask your doctor”, San Diego, CA, USA, RSS
Dr. Brooke Goldner, MD – healed herself of lupus (autoimmune disease), videos, Los Angeles, CA, USA, RSS*
Dr. Jeffrey Dach, MD – functional medicine, bioidentical hormone and natural thyroid, Davie, FL, USA
Dr. Peter Glidden, ND – naturopath, silver, videos, interview, Minneapolis, MN, USA
Dr. Jennifer Daniels MDvideo, channel, book, on healing, Green Cove Springs, FL, USA, Panama
Dr. Frank Lipman, MD – “Daily ordinary things basis have an extraordinary healing effect.”, New York, NY, USA, RSS
Dr. Amandha Vollmer, ND – “wisdom of nature & life”, videos, DMSO book, how to use, Toronto, CA, RSS
Dr. Michelle Sands, ND – Natural Wellness, “your body was designed to heal itself”, Jackson, WY, USA, RSS
Dr. Alan Christianson, ND – “obese and epileptic to ‘top doc'”, blog, podcasts, thyroid, Phoenix, AZ, USA, RSS
Dr. Michael Ruscio, NMD, DC – “to a healthy gut”, paleo, blog, podcasts, Walnut Creek, CA, USA, RSS
Dr. Eric Osansky, DC – “natural endocrine solutions”, thyroid videos, blog, herb article, Matthews, NC, USA, RSS*
Dr. Susanne Bennett, DC – “holistic services”, blog, podcasts, kimchi, Santa Monica, CA, USA, RSS*
Dr. Joel Bohemier, DC – “honoring the innate wisdom of the body”, videos, podcast, Naples, FL, USA, RSS*
Dr. Sheri Tenpenny, DC – doctor, speaker, educator, consultant, clinic, offer, videos, Cleveland, OH, USA
Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD – author, “Gut and Psychology Syndrome“, blog, video, Cambridge, UK
Dr. Elson Haas, MD – “our health is much more in our own hand than we realize”, blog, San Rafael, CA, USA, RSS
Dr. Gabor Maté, MD – “inquiry into what lies beneath the appearance we present to the world”, Vancouver, Canada, RSS*, video
Dr. Carolyn Leaf, PhD – “heal your mind”, author “Cleaning up Your Mental Illness“, videos, USA
Women’s Health Associates – “all-female ob/gyn practice”, Kansas City, MO, USA, RSS*?
Dr. Christopher Cirino, MD – “your health forum”, Tualatin, OR, USA, RSS?
Dr. Bob Demaria, MD – “the drugless doctor”, Westlake, OH, USA
Dr. Jerry Tennant, MD – energy medicine, “physics to heal naturally”, podcast, Tennant Institute, Irving, TX, USA
Steady, MD – online medical advice via text, call, or video, “all 50 states”, offer, St. Louis, MO, USA
Dr. Joel Fuhrman, MD – “unlock the power of nutrition”, vegan-agnostic, Flemington, NJ, USA
Dr. Bret Scher, MD – “low-carb cardiologist”, San Diego, CA, USA
Dr. Gary Fettke, MD – advocates low grains and high fat, videos, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, MD – holistic pediatrician, Northport, NY, USA
Dr. Jack Wolfson, DO – “paleo cardiologist”, “holistic heart care”, videos, Scottsdale, AZ, USA 
Dr. Ron Rosedale, MD – “expert in nutritional and metabolic medicine”, articles, videos, Boulder, CO, USA
Dr. Carrie Jones, ND – “hormone expert”, education, McMinnville, OR, USA
Dr. Janette Hope, MD – “environmental illnesses”, Santa Barbara, California 
Dr. Titus Chiu, DC – “root cause neurology”, functional medicine, Berkeley, CA, USA
German New Medicine – the work of Dr. Geert Hamer MD presented by Caroline Markolin, PhD, video
Dr. R.E. Tent, DC – DiverseHealthServices, “truth, compassion, healing”, Novi, MI, USA
Dr. Joe Esposito DC – author, vegan, podcasts, videos, Marietta, GA, USA
Dr. Bruce Greyson MD – author, “After“, on near-death experiences and consciousness, Charlottesville, VA, USA
Dr. Jim Tucker MD – author, “Before: Children’s Memories of Previous Lives“, podcast, Charlottesville, VA, USA
Dr. Hilde De Smet MD – Dutch-speaking, “esotericism, healing and health”, meditation, talks, Jauchelette, Belgium
Dr. Christine Schaffner ND – “discover the four hidden factors keeping you sick”, podcasts, Seattle, WA, USA
Sanoviv Medical Institute – diagnostics, nutrition, detoxification, Playas de Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico
Dr. Cate Shanahan MD – author, expert on nutrition and human metabolism, Newtown, CT, USA
Olarsch ND, Dr. David – Institute for Naturopathic Health, Plymouth, NH, USA
Isaacs MD, Dr. Linda – “Individualized Nutritional Protocols”, Austin, TX, USA
Teijeiro ND, Dr. Marisol – Sanas health practice, castor oil, Petersburg, Canada
Dr. Sam Bailey MD – “the natural healing force”, videos, Christchurch, New Zealand
Dr. Virginia Marsston, ND – Clinic of the Light, La Luz Wellness Center, Galeana, Chihuahua, Mexico
Dr. Amandha Vollmer, ND -DMSO, “become your own health guru”, videos, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Dr. Jessica Peatross, MD – “stealth infections, environmental toxicity, ozone, cannabis”, Corvallis, Oregon
Advanced Gerson Therapy Clinic – Dr. Patrick Vickers MD, videos, Tijuana, Mexico
Budwig Center – Joanna Budwig’s methods practiced openly, Malaga, Spain
Dr. Toni Bark, MD (late) – “Doctors for Accountability“, :27 video
Dr. David Minkoff, MD – “alternative health expert”, Clearwater, FL, USA, RSS*


Dr. Michael Greger, MD – vegan – “What is the healthiest diet (for some people)?”, RSS*?
Dr. Michael Klaper, MD – vegan and advocate “for the body’s ability to heal itself”
Dr. Neal Barnard, MD – vegan, “the truth about dairy and cheese”
Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, MD – “prevent and reverse heart disease”, vegan, Lyndhurst, OH, USA, RSS
Dr John A. McDougall, MD – vegan, “better health through vegetarian cuisine”, recipes, Santa Rosa, CA, USA, RSS
Dr. David Katz, MD – vegan, author, “How to Eat“, promoter, DietID, Detroit, MI, USA
Dr. Joel Kahn, MD – vegan, “holistic cardiologist”, “plant-based nutrition is preventive medicine”, Detroit, MI, USA, RSS*
Dr. Will Bulsewiecz, MD – vegan, “the plant-fed gut”, book, podcast, South Carolina, USA
Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD – vegan, “reconnect the power of your soul”, Tree of Life, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute – ‘Living Foods”, wheat grass juice, sprouts, programs, Rincón, Puerto Rico, RSS*
Hippocrates Health Institute – “to nourish you in mind, body and spirit”, West Palm Beach, FL, USA
Dr. Valter Longo, PhD – author, “The Longevity Diet“, professor, USC, Los Angeles, CA, USA, RSS

Vegetarian Resource Group – health, environment, ethics, RSS?
Dagmar von Cramm – live healthy (vegetarian tendency, German language), videos
Foundation Diet and Health – vegan tendency, Swiss multi-lingual site, recipes
Vegan Alternatives – videos of vegan recipes
Everyday Plant-Based -Karen Pullen, vegan recipes, resources, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Rouxbe – online vegan cooking courses, cooking tips, community, Vancouver, BC, Canada
True Health Initiative – vegan or near-vegan promoter, Tulsa, OK, USA
Seventh-day Adventist Church – believes in veganism, Silver Spring, MD, USA, skeptic
SoyInfo Center – “soy from a historical perspective”, since 1976, history, books, Lafayette, California
Responsible Eating & Living – “tools for a healthy vegan lifestyle”, vegan recipes, New York, NY, USA

Other free-thinking doctors, whose opinions are available online include Dr. Breus.
In France, Dr. Frederic Saldmann, Henri Joyeux, Michel de Lorgeril and others are also free thinkers. 

Biological dentists

Dr. Blanche Grube, DDS – holistic dentist, trained in Huggins protocol, Scranton, PA, USA
Dr. Gary Marsen, DDS – “non toxic dentist”, mercury-free, minimally invasive dental implants, Fresno, CA, USA
Dr. Oksana Sawiak, DDS – biological dentist, toxicologist, “natural non-invasive methods”, Toronto, Canada, RSS*
Dr. Steven Lin, dentist – “Heal your mouth with food.”, Central Coast NSW, Australia
Tagesklinik, Konstanz – German-language clinic, biological dentist, ceramic dental implants, Germany
Dr. Elmar Jung – holistic dentist, tooth talk (podcasts), presentation, Southampton, UK, RSS?
Paracelsus Clinicbiological dentistry, “biological medicine for healing and health”, Lustmühle, Switzerland, review
Natural Dentist Associates – holistic dentist, amalgam mercury removal, Bethesda, MD, USA, RSS*
Dental Wellness Center – “integrative care for the whole body”, podcasts, La Vale, MD, RSS*
Dr. Stuart Nunnally, DDS – “healthy smiles for life”, biological dentist, Marble Falls, TX, USA
Dr. Madelyn Pearson DDS – Natural Smiles, tooth chart, meridians, procedure, Shoreview, MN, USA
Dr. Corinne Vizcarra DDS – holistic biological dentistry, Tijuana, Mexico
Dr. John A. Rothchild DDS – “oral health affects the rest of your body”, tooth chart, Durango, CO, USA
Dr. Griffin Cole DDS – “mercury-safe dentistry”, ozone, meridian tooth chart, Austin, TX, USA, RSS?
Dr. Tom McGuire DDS – mercury-safe dentistry, amalgam fillings, detoxification, Sebastopol, CA, USA
Tandartspraktijk de Liefde – Maartje Brands, since 2019, biological dentist, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Cabinet Dentaire Guido Lambrechts – Dental Shape, biological dentist, Luxembourg, Belgium,
Dr. Alireza Panahpour, DDS – biological dentist since 1994, Los Angeles, California, interview
International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology – “leaders in science-based biological dentistry”, videos, RSS?
World Alliance for Mercury-free Dentistry – “toward mercury-free dentistry”, RSS*
International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine – fluoride-free, mercury-free, mercury-safe, Spring, TX, USA
Toxic Teeth – information about dental mercury – “Remineralize cavities and repair teeth naturally.”
Lin DDS, Dr. Steven, “The 4 Ways To Prevent & Treat Dental Cavities Today” 2;04 video
Association non au mercure dentaire – French, set up by Docteur Jean-Jacques Melet, Coupelle-Neuve, France
Say AHH” Oral Health Documentary“, International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine (IABDM), :58 video
RiseWell – supplies fluoride-free toothpaste that contains hydroxy apatite, New York, NY
Boka – supplies fluoride-free toothpaste that contains hydroxy apatite, St Louis Park MN  
Animated-Teeth – information for consumers about dentistry, dental procedures and oral conditions
BioDenth – Dr. Pascal Eppe, holistic, biological dentistry, test of mineral deficiencies,  Étalle, Belgium


Dr. Mitch Fleisher, MD – “alternative natural medical self-care protocols”, Afton, VA, USA
Dr. Frank King – homeopath, physician and avid farmer, online shop, grass-fed beef, Asheville, NC, USA
Belgian Homeopathic UnionUnio Homeopathica Belgica – member list by province
Dr. Tinnus Smits – Dutch homeopath, advocated CEASE therapy (Complete Elimination of the Autistic Spectrum Expression)
Dr. Eric Gordon, MD – “unravelling complex chronic illness“, lesson, San Rafael, CA, USA, RSS*
National Center for Homeopathy – “education, awareness, advocacy’, Mt. Laurel, NJ, USA
Homeopathy Plustutorials, videos, remedies, courses, Tuggerah, NSW, Australia 
WholeHealthNow – “your #1 source for everything homeopathic”, payable courses, CEASE therapy – “content and services to millions every year”, since 2001, audio, video, Jaipur, India, RSS*?
Homeopathy Europe – represents medical doctors with qualification in homeopathy, Gent, Belgium
Susan Smith Jones PhD – popular author, herbs, natural remedies, coach, H2, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Dr. Reckeweg & Co. GmbH – homeopathy since 1947, FAQs, Bensheim, Germany
Homeopathy Center of Houstonwhat is homeopathy?, video library, Houston, TX, USA


LIM Labs – in French and Dutch, tests for possible nutrient deficiencies, …, Belgium
Cyrex Labs – tests for wheat, dairy, and other food intolerances, US, UK, Canada, Ireland
Oligoscan – non-invasive of nutrient deficiencies and metal toxicities, how it works, Luxembourg
Solex – “AO Scan is a comprehensive tool for measuring & optimizing frequencies”, videos, Orem, UT, USA
The Great Plains Laboratory – tests to detect toxic non-metal chemicals, mold, …, Lenexa, KS, USA  
SpectraCell Labs – tests for micronutrient deficiencies, webinars, Houston, TX, USA
Clifford Consulting & Research – supplies material reactivity testing, Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Biocomp Labs – tests to avoid dental toxicity, Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Ortho-Analytic – tests for micronutrient deficiencies and toxicity, in French and German, Switzerland
RequestATest – “affordable direct to consumer lab testing”, magnesium red blood cell test, Cleveland, OH, USA
Genova Diagnostics – “innovative clinical laboratory services”, webinars, Asheville, NC, USA
Vibrant America – tests for heavy metals, food additives, micronutrients, other tests, San Carlos, CA, US
Riordan Clinic Nutrient Storeblog, protocol, nutritional lab tests, nutrients, books, videos, Wichita, KS, USA
Inside Tracker – blood tests and personalized nutrition system, Cambridge, MA, USA
Wellness FX – advanced blood test, how it works, optional consultation, San Francisco, CA, USA
Ulta Lab Tests – “lab tests for both consumers and healthcare professionals”, Scottsdale, AZ, USA
Hair Analysis UK – analyzes hair to detect heavy metals, Forest Row, East Sussex, UK
Upgraded Formulas – supplies hair mineral and toxin test and supplements, Austin, TX, USA
VibrantWellness – tests of allergies to wheat, dairy, corn, soy, peanuts, …, San Carlos, CA, USA
Meridian Valley Lab – “food allergy and hormone testing”, Tukwila, WA, USA
Overwhelmed with Your Health? 7 Functional Medicine Labs I Recommend“, Dr. Will Cole, DC, article


Do your own research

How to search using Pubmed and other life science databases,, Wichita, KS, USA
Pubmed – database of published scientific studies, searchable by keyword – database of clinical studies, US National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, MD, USA
GreenMedInfo – Sayer Ji – searchable database – “the science of natural healing”, RSS?
Wolters Kluwer –
– another database of published scientific studies, with summaries for free
Dr. Rath Research Institute – “health for all”, research into nutrient deficiencies and toxicity – “therapeutic nutrition based on biochemical individuality”, association – “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.”, Andrew Saul, niacin, vitamin C, google translate
MaSanteNaturelle – French-language natural health information – health means wealth; thousands of health talks by doctors and scientists
National Vaccine Information Center – “Your Health. Your Family. Your Choice.”; VAERS
Journal of Plant Medicines – “educational resource about herbal medicines and food-based therapies”
Medicine Hunter – Chris Kilham, medicinal plant research and encyclopedia
Organic facts – “source for unbiased and reliable information on organic and healthy food”
Foundation for Alternative & Integrative Medicine – “revolution in healthcare”, research, podcasts, videos
David Rasnick, PhD – free-thinking, independent researcher, author 
Naturopathic Cancer Society – “to inform the public of natural treatments for cancer”
The Truth About Cancer, Experts Info Sheet, Ty & Charlene Bollinger, Nashville, TN, USA
Bernard Lust Publications – publisher on natural remedies and naturopathy, Lake Mary, FL, USA, RSS*
Chelsea Green – publisher on organic farming, gardening, health & wellness, …, VT, USA, RSS*
Dr. Deanna Minich, PhD – “color can heal your life”, author and blogger on health, food, and nutrition
Biofield Tuning, Electric HealthEileen Day McKusick, “heal the electric body”, book, Burlington, VT, USA
The Forensic Nurse, Rachel Celler, RN – “take control of your health, heal yourself at home”, FL, USA
Lawful Rebel, Nigell Howitt – “living outside the matrix”, method to find truth, health, podcast, UK
Alliance for Natural Health USA – “protecting natural health”, podcasts, RSS*
Sound Health – “low frequency analog sound & its influence on human health”, Albany, OH, USA, RSS?
Mastering Diabetesevidence, book, podcasts, plants, fasting, exercise, Santa Monica, CA, USA
Tanglewood Resort Center – supervised water fasting, vegan, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
MagnaCares – devices to create pulsed electromagnetic fields, relieve jet lag, FAQs, London, UK, RSS*
Promolife – devices make ozone (why?), oils, videos, air & water purification, sauna, pemf, Fayettevile, AR
JW Labs – “change your tune”, Rife frequency instruments, since 1987, Elmhurst, IL, USA, RSS*
Frontier Pharmaceuticals – chlorine dioxide experts, related info, Melville, NY, USA
NaturalPath – Razi Berry, naturopathic publisher, “love is medicine”, blog, Scottsdale, AZ, USA, RSS*
EcoMall – directory, “promoting ecological civilization”, enlightenment, Poughkeepsie, NY, USA
Institute for Responsible Technology – channel, “protecting you from GMOs”, myths, videos, Fairfield, IA, USA, RSS*
Rhitrition – Rhiannon Lambert, nutritionist, weight loss, “embrace a healthy way”, podcast, London, UK, RSS*
One2One Nutrition – Ben Wilson, trainer, nutritionist, author, blog, weight loss, London, UK
The Wellness Forum – compare health services, facilitates informed decision-making, Worthington, OH, USA
Psychology of Eating – Marc David, “become a mind body eating coach“, program, videos, podcasts, offer, RSS?
Huberman MD, Dr. Andrew, “Change Your Brain“, 2:13 video by professor about neuroplasticity
Heartstone Center for Earth Essentials – education & retreat center, blog, cannabis, Van Etten, NY, USA
Sage Mountain Botanical Sanctuary – conservation education center; 600 acres, central VT, USA, RSS*
Dr. Mariza Snyder – essential oils, podcasts, detox offer, La Jolla, CA, USA
Kate Freer, Longevity Principals and Vibrant Brain Health, Yuma, CO, USA, RSS*
Mark Sleight, HealthBuddy – nutritionist, “over 40’s holistic health coach”, offer, Milton Keynes, UK, RSS*?
Brain Based Health – “emotional brain training to reduce stress”, offer, Larkspur, CA, USA, RSS*
Jemma Andrew-Adiamah, PhD, Unconditionally Nourished – “crowd out your inner critic”, UK, RSS*
The Savvy Tusker – inspiring women to be healthy”, Anniston, AL, USA, RSS*
Natural Health – blog,  USA, RSS*
The Healthy Apron – blog, “high-quality and well-researched content about health, fitness, and nutrition”, Zagreb, Croatia, RSS*
Healthy – magazine, London, UK, RSS*
Simply Real Health – Sarah Adler, blog, Seattle, WA, USA, RSS*
Healthista – magazine, health, happiness, fitness, recipes, sex & love, videos, London, UK, RSS*
Nedufy – healthy living tips, weight loss, foods and recipes, Lagos, Nigeria, RSS*?
Bioindividual Nutrition – “the science and practice of personalized nutrition”, offer, San Francisco, CA, USA, RSS?
Dr. Gerald Pollack, PhD – “uncovering nature’s secrets, the fourth phase of water”, Seattle, WA, USA, video
Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies – research and education, Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Marks Daily Apple – Mark Sisson, paleo advocate, blog, Miami, FL, USA, RSS?
Nutrition & Harmonie – Cristina Moser, conseillère en nutrition spécialisée en nutrithérapie, offer, Etterbeek, Belgium
Medical Medium – Anthony William,” intuitive healing”, author, podcasts, videos, celery juice, Sarasota, FL
Chris Kresser, MS – author, paleo advocate, offers training in “functional medicine”, Berkeley, CA
Vielight, Inc. – photobiomodulation, laser light therapy, videos, blog, Toronto, Canada
HeartMath Institute – “harmonize resistance between mind and heart”, Boulder Creek, CA
Grounded – Dr. Stephen Sinatra MD, videos, movie, podcasts, Manchester, CT
The Tapping Solution – Nick Ortner, “reduce stress and anxiety”, Brookfield, CT
The Sleep Doctor – Michael Breus, PhD, “how to sleep better“, Manhattan Beach, CA, USA
Qigong Institute – coordinated movements and breathing for health, video, 20-minutes, research, Los Altos, CA
Oxygen Research Institute Ltd – Patrick McKeown, breathing coach, Buteyko Clinic, video, pdf, Galway, Ireland
Union des Nutrithérapeutes Francophones – ateliers “cuisine santé”, Fize-Fontaine Belgique (French)
Ancient creation stories of indigenous people
Bruce DePalma – inventor of unconventional energy devices based on Nikolas Tesla’s observations
Atmospheric energy of Tesla“, biography, :53 video
Heal Your Hunger – Tricia Nelson, “emotional eater of food addict?”, podcast, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Tuit Nutrition – “keto without the crazy”, videos, Amu Berger, Durham, NC, USA
Neurobiology Understanding the Big 6 Neurotransmitters“, training video, 1:05 video
Alimentation Conscience – Emmanuelle Fontaine, French-speaking health services, RSS*, Ixelles, Belgium
Eats to West – local cuisines reported from journeys around the world, Brussels, Belgium
The HighWire – weekly skeptical broadcast by Del Bigtree, original, Austin, TX, USA
Trish Leclair – BalancedConcepts, excellent, nutrition, since 2007, articles, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Health Benefits Of Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training, Dr. Mario Novo & Dr. Joe Mercola DC, 1:38 video
Radical with Maajid Nawaz – weekly podcast from a free thinker and truth seeker
IPAK-Edu – online courses about biology, law, analysis, and psychology, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Bellicon – rebounders (trampolines) reset the lymph system, Berlin, Germany
Former CIA Officer Will Teach You How to Spot a Lie“, Susan Carnicero, article & :48 video


Dhru Prohit – excellent interviews & podcasts with Dr. Mark Hyman and others, Santa Monica, CA, USA
The People’s Pharmacy – “empowering you to make wise decisions about your own health”, podcasts
Doctor’s Farmacy – Dr. Mark Hyman MD and his insightful, free-thinking podcasts
Extreme Health Radio – “shows on natural healing, cleansing, herbalism, juicing”, lessons, on colonics
Undergroundwellness.comcomplete podcast list (radio) by Sean Croxton
One Radio Network – “live talk radio on health, wealth, and well-being”, Texas, USA, RSS*
Tipping Point Radio – “”infecting’ people with life changing ideas”, Bruce Lipton interview
Herbs, Health, and Happiness – brief audio-visual presentations via youtube channel, RSS*?
Robert Scott Bell show – shrill libertarian homeopath, promotes supplements, occasional insights, Utah, USA
Against the Wind – Dr. Paul Thomas, MD, advocate of health freedom, Portland, OR, USA
Herbally Yours –, 90.3 WHPC, health and well-being, natural health podcasts
The Wellness Mama – “for women and moms who want to live a healthier life’, podcasts, Santa Rosa Beach, FL, USA, RSS?
Ben Greenfield Fitness – “nutritional biohacking”, podcasts, articles, coaching, Boulder, CO, USA
Field Tripping – Ronan Levy, “a podcast about psychedelics and, the people who use them”, Toronto, Canada
Psychedelic Medicine: From Tradition to Science, Harvard Medical School, 2:57 roundtable video
BetterHealthGuy – podcast, blog, detoxing mold, Santa Clara, CA, USA
Primal Blueprint – podcast, courses, books, some excellent content but sponsored by packaged food, Chicago, IL, USA
Collective Insights – podcast from a maker of supplements, Neurohacker, Carlsbad, CA, USA
Plant Proof – Simon Hill, vegan, “the proof is in the plants”, recipes, Sydney, Australia
Party in my Plants – Talia Pollock, podcast, recipes, New York, NY
TuneIn – radio, podcasts, sports, music, news & talk, by location, by language, Comcast, San Francisco, CA
Sam Sorbo – advocates self-education (“home schooling”), articles, podcasts, Tampa, FL

Rife tutor – theory and practice of weak, low frequency electrical therapy, USA
Myers Detox – Wendy Myers, is fatigue ruining your life?, articles & podcasts, Los Angeles, CA, USA, RSS*
Happy Healthy – Dutch-language website with articles and videos, Netherlands, RSS* – “preserving shamanism’s ancient sacred knowledge”, RSS*
Alan Watts Organization – interpretations of Eastern wisdom for a Western audience, RSS*
Dr. Hulda Clark, MD – promoted “self-health”, detox, frequency, vibration, European Union, courses, videos
Fernand Joubert – “Votre santé par la nature – techniques pour guérir sans médicaments et sans pollution“, French, RSS?
Atom Bergstrom – controversial iconoclast on natural health, podcasts, biorhythms
Ancient Tales of Wisdom: A Dumb Witness, EpochTimes, article
Cannabis Health Radio – specific cases and details of reports of cures by cannabis, Victoria, BC, Canada

NVGONederlandse Vereniging voor Geneeskruidenonderzoek, Dutch-language, links, 2651 RA Berkel, NL, RSS*
Institut Européen de Médecine Naturelle – French-language, online and classroom naturopathy courses, RSS?
The Association Internationale pour une Médecine Scientifique Indépendante et Bienvaillante has articles in French. RSS*


Bio Brussels – local organic food shops in Brussels and their local suppliers, article in process
Pit & Pit – Dutch-language online supplier of “natural food and herbs”, Belgium
Denotenshop – online supplier of dried fruit, grains, nuts, seeds, …, Strijen, Netherlands
Bioshop Mordan – Dutch-language supplier of supplements, pollen, tinctures, Oostende, Belgium
Vital und Fit mit 100CDS, vitamin C, magnesium oil, H2O2, zeolite, B12, Jüchen, Germany
Ma Vitamine C – French-language expert and supplier of vitamin C, C6H8O6 film, Nice, France
Raw Living – raw foods, vegan, mushrooms, herbs, reishi, shilajit, caution, podcasts, London, UK
Gezondhuis aan huis – vitamins, supplements, herbal tinctures, food, oils, medecines, Ede, Netherlands
Laboratoires Fenioux Belgique – supplements, phytotherapy, micronutrition, Waterloo, Belgium 
Ergomax Supplements – cod liver oil, bone broth, minerals, vitamins, MegaFood, Nijmegen, Netherlands
Evolution Organics – detoxification, vitamins, vegan supplements, blog, Oxford, UK
Good Health Naturally – vitamins, supplements, detox, magnesium oil, silver, London, UK
Ancient Magnesium – oil is derived from the ancient Zechstein seabed in Europe, oil, gel, flakes, Rotterdam, NL
Holotropic Herbsessiac tea, sweet wormwood tincture, reishi, rhodiola, herbs, miron, Beverwijk, Netherlands
Rio Amazon Health – teas, tinctures, powders, Brighton, UK
K.-W. Pfannenschmidt GmbH – wholesaler, 400 natural products, mostly powders, Hamburg, Germany
Perfect Health Solutions – “compléments alimentaires 100% naturels“, Paris, France
Laube Holistic Health Solutions – ‘for health feedom”, CDS, MMS, DMSO, vitamin C, Javea, Alicante, Spain
Molecular Hydrogen Company – research and promotion hydrogen water, Cork, Ireland
H3O2 Water – “h3o2 is the water found inside cells”, research, video, who?, where?
Miron Violetglass – “preserving the essence of natural products”, shop, blog, Hoogeveen, Netherlands
Mountaindrop – “100% premium pure authentic shilajit”, FAQ, trace minerals, blog, Škofja Loka, Slovenia
Rio Healthteas, powders, graviola, supplements, other products, blog, Brighton, UK
Health Knight – independent comparisons of supplements, fish oil, vitamin B12, others, Riga, Latvia
The Giving Nature – “buy organic food online”, London, UK, RSS*
BioDynamizer – water filters, magnets, Braine le Château, Belgium
Dynveo – supplements by indication, cod liver oil, Teyran, France
Perfect Health Solutions – detox, digestion, immune system, energy, supplements, Buc (Paris), France
Royal Green Naturals – organic vitamins minerals and herbs, vitamin B complex, Hoorn, Netherlands
PharmaPath – PhytExponent “stimulates immune system”, Mamer, Luxembourg
Andreas Seed Oils – supplier of good-quality pressed organic seeds oils, Bendo, Oregon
Remedy Link – Spencer Feldman, detox suppositories, heavy metals, liver. gallbladder, Hawaii

pH Miracle Products – supplements apply concepts in book by Dr. Robert Young, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food
– “African approach, mucus and toxins can cause disease”, herbalist, Los Angeles, CA, USA – vitamins, minerals, articles, Sorel-Tracy, Québec, Canada
Waiora – “activated, liquid zeolite” (detox), Boca Raton, FL, USA
Vitality Herbs and Clay – herbs, clay, other products, Ashland, OR, USA
Mineral Logic LLC – wholesale, fulvic acid, what is it?, origin, bioactive content, blog, Kalamazoo, MI, USA
Dr. Nuzum’s Nutraceuticals – naturopath, blog, detox, fulvic acid, Meridian, ID, USA
Alta Health Products, “quality supplements to support your quality of life”, Idaho City, ID, USA
GreenSmoothieGirl – Robyn Openshaw, blog, podcast, recipes, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Brave Botanicals – supplier of kratom, cbd, colloidal silver, vitamin C, vitamin D3, Austin, TX, USA
MitraGenie Kratom – supplier of kratom powder, Netherlands/Hungary
NL Naturals BV – supplies kratom, natural psychodelic ethnobotanicals, Zwolle, Netherlands
MegaFood – vitamins and supplments, since 1973, blog, Manchester, NH, USA
CV Sciences – “first company with safety status for hemp derived CBD”, San Diego, CA, USA
Pure Synergy – whole food supplements, superfoods, vitamins, extracts, Moab, UT, USA
Touchstone Essentialsliver detox, supplements, CBD oil, zeolite, blog, Tenpenny, Raleigh, NC, USA, RSS*
Nutricology – “highest quality, hypoallergenic nutritional supplements”, blog, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Dr. King’s – homeopathic remedies, training, book, farm shop (organic meats), Asheville, NC, USA
Mineral Resources International Inc. – “minerals & trace minerals from Great Salt Lake”, Ogden, UT, USA, RSS*
Cyto-Matrix – “the science of wellbeing”, supplements for naturopaths, Toronto, Ontario, CA
Natural Immunogenics – colloidal silver, science of silver, publications, FAQs, Sarasota, FL, USA
DMSO Store – pharmaceutical-grade DMSO, organic ascorbic acid (vitamin C), Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
Natural Sourcing – wholesale herbs, oils, ingredients, accessories, Oxford, CT, USA
Emerson Ecologics – distributor of supplements, Innate, Davinci, Bodybio, …, Manchester, NH, USA
Shen Blossom – Japanese herbalism, “traditionally prepared botanical extracts”, Gladstone, MO, USA
Microbe Formulas – supplements for detox, products, blog, Meridian, ID, USA
Total Body Wellness Clinic – supplements for detox, consultations, Merdian, ID, USA
Leaf Home Water Solutions – water filtration systems, Columbus, OH, USA
The Wellness Enterprise – “water solutions for your life”, structured water, course, Lubbock, TX, USA
Live Power Community Farm – 1977, 50-acre, solar, horse-power, biodynamic farm, Covelo, CA, USA
Body Ecology – “healthy gut, strong immunity”, blog, podcast, supplements, Van Nuys, CA, USA, RSS*
ProHealth – supplements, by reason, blog, Carpinteria, CA, USA
Aquamira – water filtration and treatment, Logan, UT, USA
pH Prescription – household and commercial water treatment, Palm City, Florida
Traditional Medicinals – herbal teas, articles, Sebastopol, CA, USA
Health Enigma – blog, supplements, vegan advocates, Toronto, Canada, RSS*
Healthy Hildegard – inspired by Hildegard of Bingen, nutrition, remedies, Denver, CO, USA, RSS?
Dr. Morse’s Herbal Health Club – private membership health club, detoxification, shop, Port Charlotte, FL, USA
Dr. Ron’s Ultra-Pure – additive-free supplements, Dr. Ron Schmid ND, book, Watertown, CT, USA
Beam Minerals  – fulvic and humic minerals, Portland, OR, USA
Oregon Coast CannabisDragon salve, powerful pain relief, no side effects”, Nehalem, OR, USA
Food over Drugs – detox teas and herbal formulas, Sheela Mahdavi, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Phoenix Tears – Rick Simpson, cannabis oil, Canada, now Europe
Healthy Traditions – grass-fed beef, healthy oils, Blum, TX, USA
K&J Magnetics, Inc. – “the invisible force of magnets”, Piperville, PA, USA
Herbal Apothecary – tinctures, teas, blends, oils, formulas of Drs. Christopher & Schulz, Agency, IA, USA
BioPure US – detoxification, ozonated oil, cistus, recommennded by Dr. Klinghardt, Seattle, WA, USA
Organixx – supplements, essential oils, Stateline, NV, USA
Oxigenesis – supplier of oxygen-enhanced supplements, Paso Robles, CA, USA
AlphaOmegaLabs – supplier of black salve, chanca piedra, graviola, Guayaquil, Ecuador, Miami, FL
Greg Caton – herbalist, HerbHealers, AlphaOmegaLabs, escharotics, Guayaquil, Ecuador
Yum Naturals – Dr. Amanda Vollmer ND, herbs, DMSO, detox, teas, healthy fats, oils, …, Toronto, Canada

Baldwins Herbs – “purveyors of natural products since 1844”, remedies, herbs, London, UK
Neal’s Yard Herbs – “natural and organic health”, herbs, tinctures, essential oils, London, UK
Indigo Herbs – since 2004, herbs, tinctures, mushrooms, he shou wu (fo-ti), Glastonbury, UK
Ki Science – supplements, artemisia annua (sweet annie), recommended by Dr. Klinghardt, Rottingdean, UK 
John Appleton – “the man who saved his own life“, supplements, Auckland, NZ

Gaia Herbs – “connecting people, plants & planet for healing”, herbs, tinctures, reference, Brevard, NC, USA
Mountain Rose Herbs – since 1984,  “people, plants, and planet”, herbs, spices, teas, Eugene, OR, USA
Penn Herb Co. Ltd. – since 1924, supplier, herb list, wellness guide, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Richters Herbs, Canada – “fifty years of herbs”, fo-ti, Toronto, Canada
Harmonic Arts – supplies herbs, teas, mushrooms, tinctures, Cumberland, BC, Canada
Jean’s Greens – bulk herbs, teas, extracts, books, West Sand Lake, New York
Rosemary’s Herbs – since 1998, herbs, teas, and related products, Ruidoso, New Mexico
Dragon Herbs – supplier of tonic herbs, reishi, he shou wu, rhodiola, others, Los Angeles, USA
Pacific Herbs – supplier of traditional Chinese herbs, quality-controlled, Bend, OR, USA
Bulk Herb Store – supplies organic herbs, spices, tea, Mansfield, MO, USA – since 1938, former health food store, wholesaler, spices, nuts, teas, Toledo, OH, USA
Sun Horse Energy – adaptogenic formulas, how do adaptogens work?, Encinitas, CA, USA
Wise Woman Herbals – botanical supplements, Creswell, OR, USA
Designs for Health –  “science-based nutrition & natural medicine”, podcasts, Suffield, CT, USA
Anima Mundi Herbals – “plant medicines for the mind, body & soul”, course, reishi, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Heart and Soil – “nose to tail nourishment”, unrepentant carnivore, Paul Saladino, MD, videos, Austin, TX, USA
White Oak Pastures – “radically traditional farming”, butchered meat, cabins, Bluffton, GA, USA
KVLab – supplier of chlorine dioxide, colloidal silver, dimethyl sulfoxide, Sebring, FL, USA
The Chlorine Dioxide Store – supplies solutions for oder and mold removal, Las Vegas, NV, USA
Dr. Christopher’s Herbsbone & tissue, essiac, changease, extracts, oils, ointments, colon, Springville, UT, USA
Starwest Botanicals – since 1975, organic, essiac, liquid extracts, essential oils, accessories, Sacramento, CA, USA
Diamond G Forest Products, LLC – natural turpentine (100% pure pine gum spirit), resin, Patterson, GA, USA
Creekwood Naturals – 100% pure gum spirits of turpentine, how to use – video, castor oil, Riverside, CA, USA
Triple Creek Farm – supplies Pinee turpentine, North Caroline, USA
Paleo Valley – grass-fed beef sticks, supergreens, blog, podcasts, Denver, CO, USA
Touchstone Essentials – “cellular detox”, liver detox, natural nano-milled zeolite, CBD oil, Raleigh, NC, USA
HomeGrown Herbalist – Dr. Patrick Jones, ND, herbal course, shop, videos, Filer, ID, USA
HolisticHealthOnline – blog, podcast, botanicals, glandular products, shop, Jersey Shore, PA, USA
Hardy Nutritionals – “broad spectrum micronutrients”, Raymond, Alberta, Canada
Dr. Cowan’s Garden – “beyond organic. simplified.” vegetable powders, pastured beef, Niles, IL, USA

Vibrant Blue Oils – organic essential oils, Seattle, USA
doTERRA – “therapeutic essential oils”, Utah, USA

NewPharma – distributes vitamins, minerals, vegetable oils, essential oils, other, French/Dutch, Liege, Belgium
Amazon Herbs – John Easterling-affiliated, bulk herbs, Lima, Peru
Jing Herbs – “legendary tonics, since 2002”
Bio-Botanical Research – “botanicals for gastro-intestinal tract & oral cavity, since 1987, Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Major European Herbs – by Subhuti Dharmananda, Ph.D.
Sacred Essence – “ancient traditions supporting mind, body, and soul”, Lake District, UK
Herbal Academy – online courses, list of herb suppliers worldwide

Onatera – French-language, supplements distributor since 2011, naturopath since 1986, magnesium chloride

Supersmart – supplements distributor, Luxembourg
La Royale – supplements distributor, Luxembourg
Nutrisan – supplements distributor, Belgium
Remedios Naturales – Spanish-language, Valencia, Spain, distributes natural remedies, related blog
Fundación Dulce Revolución – Spanish-language supplier of herbs, stevia, bee products, books
Enagic Europe – filtered, alkaline water, made in Japan
Lebenskraft Pur – “ganzheitlich und natürlich“, supplements, Germany
Dr. Ron’s Ultra-Pure – “the original additive-free supplement company”, Watertown, CT, USA 
Global Healing Center – “live healthy”, supplements, nascent iodine, well written blog, Houston, TX, USA
Hyperion Herbs, USA – “sourcing the finest Chinese herbs for more than ten years” 
PrimalHerb – mushroom supplier, buyer beware, USA
Choose To Be Healthy – supplements distributor, blog, selenium, chromium, silica, Conasauga, TN, USA
iHerb – multi-lingual herbs and supplements distributor, ships worldwide from USA and Asia
Real Mushrooms – 100% pure, organic, if not buyer beware, Canada
7 Lights Health – supplements, sulfur, Winter Garden, FL, USA
Big Bold Health – supplies Himalayan Tartary buckwheat flour, a sub-Arctic seed, Seattle, WA, USA 

NaturalNews – list of books about mushrooms
Henriette’s Herbal – excellent online, searchable herbal reference, since 1995, Helsinki, Finland
Annie’s Remedy – herbal and essential oil reference, since 2005, affiliated with Mountain Herbs
Semaille – organic, physical and online seed shop, organic gardening tips, companions, Belgium
proveg international – European vegan advocacy group, multi-lingual, Belgium, Germany
Sproutmaster – “health-conscious products”, supplier of food-grade H2O2, Canada – excellent database of scientific studies about tropical plants, also lists suppliers
Herbs Info – “learn about herbs, home remedies, and natural health”, Herbs, Health, and Happiness podcasts
Medicinal Herbs – Reference books – list of books and websites for more research
Nourishing Traditions – Sally Fallon Morrell’s blog, “challenging politically correct nutrition”
The Herb Guide – “taking the mystery out of herbs”
Center for Food Safety – “resisting the industrial model and promoting organic and ecological alternatives”
School of Evolutionary Herbalism – “ancient teaching for the new paradigm of plant medicine”
British Herbal Medical Association – What can herbal medicine offer me?
Functional Nutrition Alliance – Andrea Nakayama, excellent fifteen-minute podcasts Boise, ID, USA, RSS*
Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism – herbal programs & courses, Lafayette, Colorado, RSS

Quicksilver Scientific, USA – “restore then advance your health”, detoxification, tests, Lafayette, CO, USA, Austria – supplements, tinctures, and products for detoxification, approved by Dr. Klinghardt
iHerb, USA – online supplier of supplements, herbs, and other (mostly) natural products since 1997
Harmonic Arts – teas, herbal tinctures, mushrooms, blog, videos, webinars, Cumberland, BC, Canada
Plant Pathways – stevia varieties and breeding, Florida, USA
Naclo Health Products – supplier of stabilized oxygen, colloidal silver, colloidal copper, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia 
Berkey Water Filters – France, Belgium, Luxembourg distributor, Binsfeld, Luxembourg
Seatopia – clean farm-raised fish, Marina del Rey, California

Food & Recipes

The Paleo Diet, Loren Cordain PhD, recipes, science, Fort Collins, CO, USA
Eat drink paleo – Irena Macri – Recipes, London, UK
Paleo Dietrecipes, UK
Livestrong – recipes
Recipes by Dr. Carnahan
Recipes by Dr. D’Adamo
Recipes by Dr. Hyman
Recipes by Dr. Jockers
Vegan recipes – from the Vegan Society UK
Simply Plant Basedvegan recipes, weight loss program, Providence, RI, USA
Vegan recipes – from the Delicious Revolution
Bigswich – vegan recipes from Rouxbe online cooking school, Vancouver, BC, Canada (registration required)
The Happy Pear – vegan courses, books, and recipes, Kilcoole, Ireland
Great vegan gluten-free recipe websites

Recipes – Michael Mosley
Recipes – gluten-free – Dr. Osborne
Myers Detox – Recipes – excellent collection by detox expert
Pete Evans – paleo chef, films, books, The Paleo Way (free guide), Australia
Recipes by Simple Comme Nature (in French)
Recipes by Dan Pompa – “healthy detox recipes”
Recipes by Dr. Sebi
Recipes by Liana Werner-Gray, functional nutritionalist, New York, NY, USA
Vegelicious Kitchen – vegan recipes by Deb Lozier
Food Sensitivity Kitchen – by Cindy Sullivan, Farmington Hills, MI, USA
Skinny Recipes – youtube channel, many vegan, quinoa, India
Diet Doctor – “evidence-based low-carbohydrate”, podcasts, keto recipes, Stockholm, Sweden
Nom Nom paleo recipes index – Michelle Tam, San Francisco, California
Paleo Mom – recipes,  Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, PhD, Autoimmune Protocol Certified Coach, Atlanta, Georgia
Autoimmune Wellness recipes – Mickey & Angie, former vegans, autoimmune protocol, McMinnville, Oregon
Joyce Farms, Winston Salem, North Carolina, recipes – naked chicken, turkey, duck, beef, bison, rabbit
The Suppers Programs – promotes healthy eating, recipes, Princeton, NJ, USA

South River Miso – excellent supplier of miso (fermented food), Conway, MA, USA
Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed – 100% grass fed beef, regenerative agriculture, dirty secret, Becker, MN, USA
Azure Standard – since 1971, drop-ships organic produce and food, Dufur, OR, USA

Farmers’s Footprint – “regenerative agriculture cultivates soil, human, and planet health for all”, film
Fermenting Australia – Sammi Zajko, blog, courses, Central Coast, NSW, Australia

Dr. Christopher’s Herbal Legacy – “Natural Healing with Herbs”, formulas, Springville, UT, USA
Barlow Herbal – supplies herbal capsules, tinctures, and salves, videos, Sandy,UT, USA
Healthy Traditions – early promoter of coconut oil, grass-fed beef, foods, non-toxc cleaners, Blum, TX, USA
Lodge Cast Iron – excellent supplier of cast iron pans, South Pittsburg, Tennessee, USA
ButcherBox – supplies “high-quality, humanely raised beef, chicken, and pork”, Boston, MA, USA

Grow your own

VeltVereniging voor Ecologisch Leven en Tuinieren, organic gardening association, Berchem, Belgium
De Landgenoten – “buy and manage agricultural land and rent it to organic farmers”, Antwerp, Belgium
Terre en Vue
– non-profit, “facilitates access to land for farming”, projects, Gembloux, Belgium
Maraichers paysans – mailing list of French-speaking Belgian market gardeners, subscribe
WWOOF Belgium – 15-23 € per year, matches volunteers to Belgian organic farmers, Gembloux
Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms – WWOOF connects volunteers to organic farmers
Living & Learning on Organic Farms -WWOOF-related online courses, guide, videos
Landwijzer – training in organic farming, Antwerp province, Belgium
L’eau de la rivière asbl – active farm offers exchange of knowledge about organic farming, Rivière, Belgium
DCM – De Ceuster Meststoffen NV, organic fertilizers, products, Grobbendonk, Belgium
Semaille – > 700 varieties of organic seeds, since 2000, Faulx-Les-Tombes, Belgique
Cycle en Terre scrl – cooperative offering local, organic seeds, Havelange, Belgium
Food Forest – minimum 10.000 m2, affiliated with self-pick, Oeselgem, Belgium
Le Petit monde de Desnié Scrl – cooperative farm offers courses in permaculture, La Reid (Theux), Belgium
GrowVeggardening guides, videos, plant guides, “innovative garden planning apps”, Formby, Merseyside, UK – supplies natural peat, a substrate for growing your own, about peat, Siauliai, Lithuania
Padia – Permaculture Design Agency, consulting & design services, French-speaking, La Reid, Belgium
CapTerre – training, organic gardening, eco-construction, French-speaking, liens, Stavelot, Belgium
ooExperience – 5000 m2 farm, horses not tractors, offers organic gardening courses, Fennelmont, Belgium
Crabe asbl – courses in organic gardening for the unemployed, Jodoigne, Belgium
Vert d’Iris International – French-speaking, organic gardening, courses, raised beds, Anderlecht, Belgium
Maîtres-maraîchers Bruxellois – local government agency offering gardening advice, group, Brussels, Belgium
Vestaculture – creates gardens for food, coaching Brussels, Belgium
16 Vegetables to Grow in Partial Shade, article
BoerEnCompagnie – Dutch-speaking, organic farm, vegetables, cereals, dairy, meat, Heverlee, Belgium
La Grange en Ville – Nathalie Van den Abelle, self-pick, community-supported agriculture, La Hulpe, Belgium
Crabe asbl – offers training in organic farming methods, Jodoigne, Belgium

La Ferme du Chant des Cailles – non-profit, organic, vegetable gardener, weekly baskets, Watermael-Boitsfort, Belgium
Le Champ du Chaudron – non-profit, organic, vegetables, catering May – Sep., 2000 m2, Anderlecht, Belgium
CycleFarm – for-profit, model urban farm on 2000 m2 to the south of Brussels, Linkebeek, Belgium
La Ferme du Peuplier – produces organic vegetables for urban markets,, Bossut Gottechain, Belgium
UNABUnion Nationale des Agrobiologistes Belges, trade group, organic farmers, Namur, Belgium

The Grow Network – Marjory Wildcraft, blog, media, courses, “How to Grow Half Your Food” presentation, Austin, TX, USA
Grow Your Own Vegetables – Stacey Murphy, gardener,growing “superfoods“, course, Eugene, Oregon
The Market Gardenerbook, course on gardening organic vegetables, Jean-Martin Fortier, Quebec, Canada, film
The Urban Farmer – Curtis Stone, many videos, how to cultivate 1/3 acre (1.400 m2), Kelowna, BC, Canada
Clay Bottom Farm – “the lean farm, farm smaller and smarter”, Ben Hartman, books, Goshen, Indiana
Four Season Farm – “real farming, real food”, Eliot Coleman, books, Harborside, Maine
Polyface Farm – Joel Salatin, pastured animals, “scaling up without selling your soul”, Swoope Virginia, RSS*
Niman Ranch – network of small farmers raising pasture-raised animals, Westminster, Colorado
Nick’s Organic Farm – certified organic farm, Buckeystown, Maryland
Food Forest Abundance – permaculture, “design & install food forests and edible landscapes in the US”, video, Orlando, FL, USA
Ecoversity – online courses about permaculture, some free, Costa Rica, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Regenerative Design Institute – solutions, nature connection, transformation, Whidbey Island, Washington, USA
Bionutrient Food Association – Dan Kittredge, “not all food is created equal”, videos, Barre, Massachusetts, USA
Seeds for Generations – organic heirloom seeds, blog, training, companion guide, Roanoke, Virginia, USA
Sustainable Seed Company – non-GMO, heirloom, organic, garden, herb, flower seeds, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds –  rare seeds, growing guide, recipes, shop, Mansfield, MO, USA
Seed Savers Exchange – since 1975, non-profit to “preserve heirloom seeds”, learn, Decorah, IA, USA
Fedco Seeds – organic growers supply, garden, farm, orchard, Clinton, ME, USA
Johnny’s Seeds – vegetables, fruits, herbs, farm seeds, tools & supplies, library, Winslow, ME, USA
Melissa K. Norris – “homesteading for a healthy & self-sufficient life”, videos, workshop, WA, USA
Back to Edenfilm about Paul Gautschi, his no-till gardening method, and mulch, Portland, OR, USA
Abundant Permaculture – Want to grow your own eggs?, brief video, Justin Rhodes, podcast, Asheville, NC, USA
Permaculture Academy – onsite courses, Los Angeles, CA, USA
MontanaGrow – silicon (silicic acid) from compacted volcanic ash, soil amendment, Missoula, MT, USA
RegeniTech LLC – “biostimulant, natural plant-based organic matter in liquid”, bioreactors, Whitefish, MT, USA
Genesis Biochar – organic soil conditioner “increases yields if the soil is in poor condition”, Somers, MT, USA
Toby Hemenway – RIP, author, “Home-Scale Permaculture“, videos, Occidental, CA, USA
Seed to Spoon – “garden planner app makes growing food simple”, Oklahoma City, OK, SA
FarmMatch – look for nearby USA farms by zip code, sell your food, USA

Brown’s Ranch – Gabe Brown, “regenerating landscapes for a sustainable future”, Bismarck, ND, USA
Secret Ingredients – documentary film about the advantages of organic food, Jeffrey Smith
Kathleen DiChiara – healed herself and her children by switching to organic, how?, RI, USA
Alegria Farm – “zero-waste, solar-powered 1-acre urban farm, hydro-organic, growing systems”, Irvine, CA, USA
Seed Library of Los Angeles – intended for small home gardens of the Los Angeles Basin, Culver City, CA, USA
BalconyGardenWeb – “growing food, urban gardening”, videos, mosquito-repelling plants
Melissa K. Norris – “living homegrown & manmade, simple homesteading”, articles, courses, Rockport, WA, USA
Kauai Farmacy – grows and supplies herbs, herb list, Kauai, Hawaii

How To Plant Seeds Using Eggshells“, 17apart, article, January, 2012
Brown, Gabe, “Dirt to Soil“, Chelsea Green, 2018
9 Things to Consider When Building Your Own Greenhouse“, Chelsea Green, article


NaturallyLearn – online courses, Sarasota, FL, USA
Natural Society – “transform your health naturally”, RSS?
Soil and Health Library – “Health begins in the soil.”
wake up world – Health
Electric Sense – EMF awareness, solutions, Lloyd Burrell, Royan Poitou Charentes, France, RSS?
Take Back Your Power – Why do many local governments oppose the rollout of “smart” utility meters?
Gigahertz Solutions – EMF meters and shielding, Germany
Shielding Technologies – EMF meters and shielding, Netherlands
Stetzer Electric – Stetzer filters of “dirty electricity”, USA
Safe Living Technologies – Rob Metzinger, detection & mitigation of EMF, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
EMF Academy – information about EMF and how you can protect yourself
Electrosmog Rx – payable online course about about the science of EMF risks and how to reduce them
Home Biology – engineering firm, “creating healthy living conditions in homes and workplaces”, Athens, Greece
EM Straling Van Rijt – Marcel van Rijt, measurement and control of EMF, VEMES, Doesburg, Netherlands 
Shielded Healing – devices and services to measure and minimize EMF exposure, video
EMF Health Card – “natural harmonic field to offset the possible effects of electrosmog”, Beek, Netherlands
Lambs – apparel with silver strands to block EMF radiation, Santa Monica, California, France
13 EMF Protection Products That Actually Work – buyer beware, EMFAcademy, Idaho
Aires Tech – products to block EMF, Toronto, Canada
Vivobase – “protecting against electromagnetic radiation”, Pliezhausen, Germany
Dr. Magda Havas, PhD – “the electromagnetic spectrum – simplified”, Canadian researcher
The Rose Lab – Magda Havas on “the research of subtle energy’ for therapy
Vitalfield – Swiss invention (pads) to adjust frequencies to reduce pain, articles, Los Angeles, CA, USA 
IASIS Technologies – micro current neurofeedback to relieve pain, anxiety, insomnia, videos, Temecula, CA, USA
Frequency Specific Microcurrent – relieve pain, webinars, books, courses, education, Vancouver, WA, USA
TrueDark – filter out blue light, “stop junk light”, Seattle, WA, USA
Magnetico Sleep Pad – magnetic mattress pads, Las Vegas, NV, SA
Gaiaheartworkz – “only the best quality peat-fiber products”, mattress covers, Amsterdam, Netherlands
EarthEasy – ecological garden supply, household, and off-grid products, Vancouver, BC, Canada
CEM Vivant – deviced to offset electromagnetic waves, “compensation by oscillation”, Ronchamp, France

KlimOp – custom inside and outside furniture and woodwork, Molenbeek, Belgium
Formantbois – Belgian carpenter, Brussels, Belgium

World Alliance for Mercury-free Dentistry – “towards mercury-free dentistry” – Dutch-language listing of “bio” dentists, Belgium – Dutch-language information about amalgam fillings, Belgium
Holistic Solutions – “cutting-edge health solutions when conventional medicine fails you, Arizona, USA
The International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness  – “creating new pathways to health”, NC, USA
Indoor Air Quality Association – “to prevent and solve indoor environmental problems”, NJ, USA
ImmunoLytics – mold detection kits, NM, USA
Dutch test  – hormone testing, OR, USA
CBD Education – various articles and studies about CBD, compiled by a supplier, USA
Vandana Shiva PhD – “Why Organic Food Matters”, author, scientist, activist, India
Health Nut News – selected food for thought and insightful articles, Daytona Beach, FL, USA, RSS*
Bulletproof – food supplements, articles, recipes, video, food for thought
Be Brain Fit – “Better Mind. Better Life.” Beware neurotransmitter testing.
Eden Method – Donna Eden, “energy medicine“, free class, book, Ashland, OR, USA
Eden Energy Medicine – “awakens energies that bring resilience, joy, and enthusiasm to your life”, articles 
Energy Medicine Institute – “Your body’s energies are the key to health, vitality, and well-being.”
Energy Medicine Luxembourg – “take a big step towards healing yourself and feeling better”
Energie in Balans (?) – practitioner of “energy medicine” and “energy psychology”, Orp-le-Grand, Belgium
How I Cured Morgellons – Mel Friedman, health activist, protocol, one-on-one coaching, O+, Reno, NV, USA
Liana Werner-Gray – functional nutritionist, author of ‘The Earth Diet“, blog, New York, NY, USA
Wellness Mama – online source for naturally minded moms, blog, podcasts, Santa Rosa Beach, FL, USA
IANDS – promotes research, education, and support of near-death and related experiences, Durham, NC, USA
9 Effective Home Remedies for Earaches“, details, MommyPotamus

Pixabay – royalty-free images
Pexels – “free stock photos & videos shared by talented creators”
Unsplash – “photos for everyone”
Michelle Minnaar – food photography, recipe development, food videography, Chelmsford, UK
MotionArray – royalty-free music, payable sound effects and photos for video creation
Jamendo – royalty-free music
Auboutdufil – royalty-free music
FreeSound – royalty-free music requires attribution
Deepl – online translator and dictionary
Language Tool Plus – online proofreading software
BoxCast – “stream your events live”, add livestreaming to your website, Cleveland, OH, USA
Podbean – podcast publishing service, search, New York, NY, USA
Buzzsprout – podcast publishing, how to start a podcast, plugin, Jacksonville, FL, USA

The Emperor Wears No Clothes – overview of the history of cannabis hemp, Jack Herer, 2007
Gust Environmental – “creating health-supporting indoor environments”, information, commercial service, US
techwellness – “mindful living in a digital world”, information and products, US
generationzapped – documentary film about wireless technologies
Y Shield – “EMR Protection”, German supplier
Building Biology Institute – “the science of healthy buildings”, offers courses, training, information, US
The Truth about Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide – research library and reports by dozens of MDs
Silverite Global – “Is your pillow making you sick?”, Minneapolis, MN, USA

JimHumble – researcher, MMS (not bleach), water disinfection, protocol, book, experiment, podcast
AndreasKalcker – researcher, chlorine dioxide (water disinfectant, not bleach, against infection), how to make it
Kerri Riveraauthor, homeopath, advocates chlorine dioxide (not bleach) against autism, interview, experiment – “water purification solutions”, Cape Town, South Africa
MMS Products International – supplier, Australia, articles, videos, usage
AguaLab – supplies chlorine dioxide for water purification and zeolite, Malaga, Spain
Healthy Action – “a healthy body begins with healthy choices”, water purification, Australia
Annalemma – transforms tap water to its structured state, videos, New Earth Technologies, Zagreb, Croatia
Breezo – creating healthy indoor environments, priobiotic air teatmennt, Roeselare, Belgium
Tennis Elbow – how to heal yourself of tennis elbow gradually, Dr. Berg
Wim Hof Breating Method – deep breathing for energy & relaxation, mini-course, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Spiritual healing

Om-mij – “personal development and awareness”, how does it work?, Doetinchem, NL, Spain, Portugal
Amoraleza – raw food, vegan, ayahuasca retreats, “live naturally and sustainably”, Orgiva, Spain
Centro Atma – regressive therapy, Carlos Gonzalez Delgado, Malaga, Spain – “find and book your perfect retreat”, by type and country, blog, BC, Canada
The Sacred Voyage – “guiding people to the depths of their soul”, video, ayahuasca, Zaandaam, Netherlands, Portugal
Temple of the Way of Light – since 2007, ayahuasca healing retreats with Shipibo shamans, Iquitos, Peru
Arkana – ayahuasca & ancestral medicines, Iquitos, Peru
Huachuma Wasi – “find your path and touch the heart of existence”, Calca, Andes, Peru
Centro Takiwasi – “rehabilitation of drug addicts and research on traditional medicines”, videos, Tarapoto, Peru
Ayahuasca Costa Rica – “to overcome traumas or bad memories”, San Isidro, Costa Rica
Rythmia – medically licensed, “going deeper with alternative medicine”, Playa Avellana, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Soltara – beachside, ayahuasca retreats, Playa Blanca, Sugar Beach, Costa Rica
Iboga Wellness Center – retreat center, Costa Rica
Ocean Forest EcoLodge Retreat – cabins with three meals a day in the Osa peninsula, Costa Rica
Gaia Sagrada – ayahuasca retreat center, documentary, Cuenca, Ecuador, review
Ayahuasca Foundationretreats and courses, documentaries, lectures, blog, Iquitos, Peru
SpiritQuest – shamanic sanctuary, since 1995, spiritual healing, film, near Iquitos, Peru
Wasiwaska – “study of psychointegrator plants, visionary art and consciousness”, Florianopolis, Brazil
DMT Quest Documentary – film about endogenous dimethyltryptamine, controversial
Internet Sacred Text Archive – “wisdom of the ages, religious tolerance and scholarship”, Santa Cruz, CA, USA 
Natural Law Seminar – by Mark Passion, the producer of What on Earth is Happening?, Philadelphia, PA, USA
ThriveOn – Foster Gamble, producers of the film “Thrive“, grass-roots innovations, Capitola, California
Hall, Manly – “The Secret Teachings of All Ages“, 1928, book
Hill, Napolean – “Outwitting the Devil“, 1938, 3:41 video
Ram Dass (RIP) – “we’re all just walking each other home”, spiritual guide, videos, Ocai, California, USA
The Fall of the Gnostics” – 1:36 video, did these groups have secret, esoteric information? overview 1:59
Atheist Neurosurgeon shocked by Near Death Experience“, Dr. Eben Alexander, 1:11
Psyche Matters – All the Best Clips of Jordan B. Peterson’s Psychology Lectures
Exposing Scientific Dogmas: Banned TED Talk“, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, :18 video
Best Kept Secret“, 2021 documentary by Sean Stone, human trafficking, Satanism, 6 episodes
These Little Ones“, Stew Peters documentary, child trafficking, child protection services, :56

Breitenbush Hot Springs – retreat and conference center, Oregon, USA
Optimum Health Institute – holistic healing, ancient spiritual disciplines, San Diego, CA, Austin, TX, USA
Bosnian Pyramid – archaeological foundation, possible healing energy, videos, Visoko, Bosnia  Herzegovina
Holistic Holiday at Sea – “the original vegan cruise”, Miami, FL, USA
Terres d’Aventure – French-language adventure travel agency, walk, bicycle, Paris, Brussels, Geneva
Havening – “better living through neuroscience”, Dr. Ronald Ruden MD, videos, New York, NY, USA
Reflexology Hand And Foot Charts“,, article
118 Uplifting Wellness Quotes to Inspire and Motivate“, Sarah Appleby, article


Films for Action – selection of controversial documentaries and articles, food for thought
AltaVod – “discover great films and directly support the filmmakers”, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Open Culture – online and free: movies of all sorts, films noir; courses, language lessons, courses
Journeyman Pictures – documentaries, short films, Thames Ditton Surrey, UK
Free Movies – youtube channel
Top Documentary Films – mostly independent documentaries, Farmlands, Thorium, others
DocumentaryHeaven – excellent collection of free documentary films by category
Internet Film Archive – free movies, comedies, film noir, feature films, silent films, …
Gaia – payable, consciousness-expanding films, shows, yoga and meditation classes, Louisville, CO, USA
Classic Comedy Films – selected list of comedies
The 18 Best Philosophical Movies of All Time – reviews of certain films
Timeless Classic Movies  – film noir, thrillers, mysteries, comedies, drama, silent movies
Flick Vault – comedy, documentary, thriller and other types of films
Daily Motion – selection of films noirs – selection of films online, FMovies
TCC – Timeless Classic Films Now in Color – Sherlock Holmes, westerns, others
Icarus Films – commercial distribution of independent documentaries, Brooklyn, NY
Classic Comedies – mostly from 1940’s and 1950’s

7th Chakra Films – films and podcasts by Dr. Andy Wakefield, MD
Top 15 Must-Watch Movies For Every For Programmer – brief reviews

The Importance Of Being Earnest – 1952 wry comedy film of the 1895 play by Oscar Wilde, subtitles, 1:36 ***
An Ideal Husband – 1999 film based on 1895 play by Oscar Wilde about blackmail and corruption, 1:30 ***
The Picture of Dorian Gray – 1945 film about a vain young man and a revealing painting, 1973 remake, 1:41 
The Tenth Man – 1988 film based on a story by Graham Green about a lost soul, Anthony Hopkins, 1:38 
Heartland – 1989 film about a farmer struggling to keep his land, Anthony Hopkins 1:29
All The King’s Men – 2006 film about an ambitious politician in Louisiana, Anthony Hopkins, 1949 version, 2:05
Misconduct – 2016 film about a lawyer, a senior partner, and a corrupt businessman for a client, Hopkins, 1:46
Shame – 2011 film about a man with a sex addiction, a sister, and a sad childhood, 1:42
The Truth – 1960 film about a beautiful woman accused of killing her boyfriend, Brigitte Bardot, 2:08
Shawshank Redemption – 1994 film about hope and getting out of prison, Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman, 2:22
Crisis – 2021 film about opiates, an undercover agent, a mother who lost her son, and a professor, 1:59
Old Gringo – 1989 film, kidnapped woman who falls for her captor and a dying writer, Jane Fonda, 1:59
The Departed – 2006, Jack Nicholson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, police & gang infiltrate each other, 2:32
Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove – 2000 film, secret meetings in a Northern California forest, 2:03

Propaganda – review of 1928 book by Edward Bernays, review, pdf, 4:15 audio book, :22 video
The Creepy Line2020 documentary about social media and mass manipulation, 1:21
House of Numbers
– documentary, what is the difference between HIV and AIDS?, 1:30 ***, backup
Behind the Fear – is HIV really a harmful virus? the controversy that is overlooked, distributor, 1:35
The Origin of HIV Aids – documentary film, 1:50
Viruses and Sickness – the Evidence – documentary questioning germ theory, 1:38 ***, short version 
The End of Germ Theory – 2022 documentary of history & uncertainty, 2:35, backup, backup2 ***
Terrain Theory Vs. The Germ Theory – 2021 film about about Louis Pasteur and Antoine Bechamp, :21
Experiments with Spanish flu 1918-1919results reported by Dr. Milton Rosenau MD, :06 video, pdf 
Big Bucks, Big Pharma – skeptical documentary about marketing of prescription medicines, 1:09 ***
Selling Sickness – 2004 documentary about unhealthy links between medical science and industry, 1:10
Making a Killing – skeptical documentary about the psychiatric and prescription industries, 1:35
Cult of the Medics -history of the medical-industrial complex, part 2, part 3, part 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 2:45
The Big Secret – Medical Mass Poisoning – 2022 documentary about unsavory medical practices, 1:13
Hippocrates: Diary of a French Doctor – 2015 satire of a naive intern in a French hospital, Kanopy, 1:42 ***
Bought – 2014 documentary about pharmaceuticals, GMOs, and vaccines, 1:33
Knock – 1951 French film about an eager modern doctor, based on 1923 play by Jules Romain, 1:39
Paracelsus – 1943 subtitled German film about the Swiss sixteenth century chemist, Kanopy, 1:46 
The Sound Tracker – Gordon Hempton, “acoustical ecologist”, records sounds of nature free of noise pollution
Aluna – “there is no life without thought”, 1990 documentary about the Kogi tribe in Columbia 
The Art of Effortless Living – taoist documentary
List of Vaccine Documentaries – the history, ingredients, skeptical doctors, and case studies
Alongside Night – low-budget libertarian cinema at its finest, 1:53 video
Cinema Libre Studios – independent film production and distribution, Burbank, CA, USA
Who Needs Philosophy? You Do. – what is the nature of existence, of man, and the relationship, 1:00
The Monopoly on Violence – questioning the state, libertarian philosophy & history, 1:46 video
Cancer The Forbidden Cures – 2010 film about René Caisse, Harry Hoxsey, Max Gerson, laetrile, mistletoe, …
A World Without Cancer – 1974 documentary by G. Edward Griffin about laetrile, :55
Cancer as a Metabolic Disease – Dr. Thomas Seyfried PhD, :36, longer – :55, discussion
Run from the Cure – The Rick Simpson Story – 2008 film about medical cannabis
Cannabis Hemp Solutions – Interview of Rick Simpson – 2019 interview, 1:29 vdeo
Emperor of Hemp – 1999 Jack Herer documentary about hemp and its uses, :58 video, website
Run From the Cure – The Rick Simpson Story – CBD Hemp Oil – 2008 documentary, :53 video
Black Salve – Interview with Greg Caton – 2020 interview about escharotics, compare, :48 video
Dead Doctors Don’t Lie – controversial presentation by Dr. Joel Wallach, ND, 2:17 video
The Magnitsky Act – banned documentary about  Sergei Magnitsky and Bill Browder, 2:06
The Jones Plantation – allegory short film by Larken Rose about freedom, :13 video
Just Be Honest – what do you condone? by Larken Rose, :24 video
V for Vendetta – fictional dystopian political thriller film; 2:13
Curtis Wilson Cost Gallery – online gallery with photos from nature, Hawaii, USA
The Doctor’s Dilemma“, George Bernard Shaw, 1906 theater; imdb, pdf
The Tom Woods Show – author and free thinker, daily podcasts, FL, USA
1984, George Orwell, 1949, 1956 film
Animal Farm – 1954 animated satirical film about being equal, free, and happy, 1:21
The Shape Of Things To Come, H.G. Wells, 1936 film
The Corporation, documentary, Joel Bakari, 1976 film, backup
Agenda: Grinding America Down, Black Hat Films, Curtis Bowers, 2010, ES subtitles
46 mind-opening documentaries – imdb, commercial
Down to Earth – Dutch family decides to leave the city, to travel, and to explore places off the beaten path.
The Most Dangerous Man in America – Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers
Vanishing of the Bees – Maryam Henein, the disappearance of honeybees, and what it means
Merchants of Doubt – How do you decide which “experts” to believe? Who will fact-check the fact-checkers?
On Company Business – What are covert operations? Why? How? When? Where? controversial 1980 film
JFK’s Peace Speech, June 6, 1963
JFK Revisited – 2021 documentary about the assassination of John Kennedy, 1:59 ***
Apologies of an Economic Hitman – full documentary film based on John Perkins’ book, 1:30
Death by Medicine – 2011 documentary film by Gary Null, 1:36, summary document
War on Health – 2012 documentary on the FDA, Codex Alimentarius, and GMO’s, backup, 1:38
Silent Epidemic – 2013 documentary film about vaccines by Gary Null, 1:48 (censored on bitchute – ?)
Shots: Eugenics To Pandemics To Toxic Vaccines – 2022 documentary, 1:47
Toxicology vs Virology – 2022 documentary about polio, :28
The Truth About Gmo Foods, Nutrition & Healthy Eating“, documentary by Gray Null, 1:20
Eating Our Way To Extinction – 2022 doocumentary about the food supply, 1:22
The Greater Good – 2016 documentary about informed consent, 1:24 video
Psychiatry: An Industry of Death – controversial documentary on the practice of psychiatry, 1:49 video
Making a Killing, the Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging – documentary, 1:33 video
The Marketing of Madness – The Truth About Psychotropic Drugs – documentary, 2:58, 1:36 version
Knocking on the Devil’s Door: Our Deadly Nuclear Legacy – 2011 documentary, Gary Null, 1:35
TrustWHO – 2017 documentary by Lilian Franck on the UN agency, 1:25 video
The Devil We Know – 2018 documentary about teflon, Dupont, and Parkersburg, WV, 1:29 video
Secret City – a film about the City of London, 1:12
The Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire – documentary
The Secret – law of attraction, eighty-nine minute 2006 film on self-help
Lawful Rebel – Nigel Howitt, method to find the truth, blog, podcasts, health, philosophy, thinking, UK
The Secret of Oz – 1:51, Were there hidden symbols in the 1900 script of the “The Wizard of Oz”?
Sophie Scholl – The Final Days – 1:56, German documentary about resistance against tyranny at all costs
The Ultimate History Lesson – John Taylor Gatto (hour 1 of 5), documentary on education, continued
Coming Out of the Ice – story of Victor Herman, born in Detroit, USA, and exiled in Siberia, 1982, 1:37
Quantum Leap – documentary film of a water disinfectant,  :57
The Universal Antidote – documentary film, “the science and story of chlorine dioxide”  1:49, backup
The Red Cross Cured 154 Malaria Cases – 2012 film about sodium chlorite (chlorine dioxide), :12
Murder in Harlem – 1935 film about a man who reported a murder and then was accused of the crime
The Emperor Jones – 1933 film, convict escapes from jail and bluffs to become emperor of an island
A Farewell to Arms – 1932 film, a love affair between an ambulance driver and a nurse, 1:29, 1957 remake
Fake – 2010 film about an art forger, 1:47
Chariots of the Gods – 1970 film based on the theory of extra-terrestrial inhabitation many years ago
Elongated Skull Phenomenon, DNA, and Blood Type – 2021 Brian Foerster documentary, :55 video, series
Homo Capensis – The Second Species – Dr. Ed Spencer & his theory of Homo Capensis, :20 video, details
Angel and the Badman – 1947 film , injured gunfighter nursed back to health by his pacifist girlfriend
The Animal Kingdom – 1932 film about a “love too sacred to be held in marriage bonds”
The Bat – 1959 murder mystery about a bank president, a doctor, and a police officer
Dr. Strangelove – 1963 Peter Sellers’ satire over the lust for power during the cold war, 1:35
Grave of the Fireflies – 1988 Japanese anti-war film, animated, subtitled in English
The Human Condition – 1959 film about a wartime Japanseese pacifist and his inner struggle, 2, 3, 5:74
Bonfire of the Vanities – 1990 film, a Wall Street tycoon, a self-righteous preacher, and a reporter, 2:06
The Last American Hero – 1973 film, Tom Wolfe’s story of bootlegger turned race car driver, 1:35
The Right Stuff – 1983 film, Tom Wolfe’s story of four astronauts in the early space program, 3:13
The Ugly American – 1963 film allegory about a diplomat & the urge for local independence, 1:56
Becky Sharp – 1935 historical drama based on the 1848 novel, Vanity Fair
List of films in the public domain in the United States (to be found on youtube or elsewhere freely)
Classic and Vintage Films – bitchute
A Noble Lie – documentary film by Chris Emery about the 1995 bombing in Oklahoma City, OK, 2:01
State of Mind: The Psychology of Control – documentary by Chris Emery about mind control, 1:58
Dark Persuasion – The History of Brainwashing from Pavlov to Social Media – documentary, :59 video
The Minds of Men – 2018 documentary about research into mind control, 3:43
ShadowRing – 2015 documentary about the shadow government, 2:18
ShadowGate – 2020 documentary about the shadow government and contractors, 1:23
Mind Control Documentaries and Discussions – List – Jason Christoff
Mission Mind Control – 1979 ABC News documentary of MK-Ultra mind control program, :59 
Brainstorm – 1983 science fiction about research into recording thoughts and sensations, Natalie Wood, 1:47
They Live – 1988 science fiction film about a man who can see how everybody is manipulated, 1:34 ***
The Brotherhood of the Bell – 1970 film about a man in a secret society who refuses his assigned task, 1:40
The End – 1978 comedy film about a man with six months to live who decides to take his own life, 1:40
Bachelor Party – 1984 comedy film about a man whose friends hold a party for him to test his fidelity, 1:45
The Party – 1968 comedy, a man invited, not by the host but by other guests, who takes his first sip, 1:40
All Quiet on the Western Front – 1930 pacifist film based on the book with the same title, 2:14
All Quiet on the Western Front – 1979 remake of the pacifist film about a soldier seeking the truth, 2:30
The Agony and the Ecstasy – 1965 film about the conflict between Michelangelo and the pope
Weekend at Bernies – 1989 film, two men, pretending their murdered employer is alive, face hitman
Slaughterhouse-Five – 1972 satire, science fiction, anti-war film based on the novel by Kurt Vonnegut
The Wrecking Crew – 1968 comedy, a count who steals enough gold to disrupt markets then faces spies
The Good Earth – 1937 film, a Chinese family and changing circumstances; based on book by Pearl Buck
Diplomatic Courier – 1952 crime film noir about spies and seductive women in Europe
Shockproof – 1949 film noir about a parole officer who falls for a a woman who is his charge, 1:20 
Goodfellas – 1989 Martin Scorsese’s film about becoming a hard-bitten gangster, Robert De Niro 
The Color of Money – 1986 Scorsese film, an older pool hustler coaches a younger one, Newman, Cruise, 2:00
The Color of Night – 1994 film about a psychiatrist who replaces his murdered colleague, 2:20
The Chase – 1946 film about a drifter and vet who returns a lost and found wallet to a mobster
Shadow of a Doubt – 1991 remake of a 1943 film noir of a girl who begins to suspect her uncle
The Red House – 1947 film noir about a man and his sister who keep a secret from their adopted daughter
The Stranger – 1946 film about an escaped Nazi convict who hides his identity in Connecticut suburbs
Framed – 1947 film noir about a trucker who meets a femme fatale
The Naked Street
– 1955 film noir about a gangster who has his brother-in-law paroled to marry his sister
Detour – 1945 film about a man and a hitchiker who blackmails him
Lewis, CS, The Screwtape Letters, satirical dialogue between an older devil and a young one, audio
The Quigley Formula – G. Edward Griffin on the inner workings of secret societies
Quigley, Carroll, “The Anglo-American Establishment“, Books in Focus, 1981
Sutton, Antony, “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution“, 1974
The Untouchables – 2013 documentary about the Wall Street crash of 2008-2009, :54
Inside Job – 2010 documentary about the late 2000s financial crisis, 1:49
Genetic Roulette – The Gamble of Our Lives – 2012 documentary about genetically engineered foods
Seeds of Death – 2012 documentary skeptical of genetically modified foods
Beyond Treason – 2005 documentary about experiments and health hazards of certain government service
The Wrecking Crew – 1968 comedy about a count who steals gold and is pursued by the secret service
Murderers’ Row – 1966 film about an agent assigned to recover an inventor captured by a madman, 1:45
On the Waterfront – 1954 thriller with Marln Brando about a man who confronts a corrupt union boss
The Pink Panther – 1963 comedy about a jewel thief pursued by a police inspector
Arsenic and Old Lace – 1940 dark comedy about reconciling past violence & claims for freedom, 1:54
Revenge of the Pink Panther – 1978 film about an inspector who fakes his own death, Peter Sellers, 1:44 
New Orleans – 1947 film, saloon owner entertains patrons, Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday, 1:38
Quakers: That of God in Everyone, 2015 documentary about the Society of Friends, with commercials, 1:28 
Konkin, Samuel, “Introduction to Agorism“, 2:01 video
Gaslight – 1940 film about a murdered woman whose house is then occupied by a couple, 1:24
Impact – 1949 film about a wife who plots with her lover to kill her husband, but the lover is killed, 1:51
The Fixer – 1998 film about a corrupt lawyer with a crisis of conscience but opposed clients, 1:41
Third Eye Spies – 2019 film about psychic abilities and secret information gathering, 1:55
The Breakfast Club — 1985 film about detained students with different personalities, 1:31
Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler – 2014 film based on accounts of eye witnesses, 1:38
The Bunker – 1981 film about the fall of Berlin and the last days of Hitler, Anthony Hopkins, 2:25
Mr. & Mrs. Smith – 1941 Hitchcock film about a couple who learns that their marriage was invalid, 1:30
The Paradine Case – 1947 Hitchcock film about a woman accused of murdering her husband, 1:55
Rear Window – 1954 Hitchcock film about a man with a broken leg who spies on his neighbors
Some Like It Hot – 1959 film, two musicians witness a murder and then disguise themselves to flee, 2:02
Don’t Bother to Knock – 1952 film about an airline pilot who falls for an unstable babysitter, 1:16
Strangers When We Meet – 1960 film, bored suburban man loves his wife but takes up with neighbor, 1:57
Solder of Fortune – 1955, wife goes to Hong Kong to recover her husband jailed in China for espionage, 1:36
The Snows of Kilimanjaro – 1952 film, Hemingway’s story of a dying man reminiscing, 1:53
For Whom The Bell Tolls – 1943 film about a man, a woman, and the Spanish civil war, 2:42
Library of Alexandria – short stories, Manly Hall lectures
How to Master Your Thinking Patterns and Habits for Self Development, Manly Hall, 1:23
The Truman Show – 1998 film about a man whose life is a simulation on television
Dead Man Walking – 1995 film, nun comforts killer on death row, empathizes with him and victims’ families
A Dangerous Date – 2021 film, Nicole Kidman stars in a film based on a true story, 1:31
The Best Labor Union Movies Of All Time, review
Germinal – 1993 French film about a miners’ strike in nineteenth century, in French, 2:39, book in English
The Messenger – 2009 film about a man’s conscience and his relation with his colleague’s wife, 1:51
Money Talks: Profits Before Patient Safety2012 documentary, same director as “Side Effects”, :50

ks: Profits Before Patient Safety – 2005 film questions marketing of medical treatments, :49
The Big Secret – Full Medical Documentary – 2016 controversial film about medical practices, 1:13
Genetically Modified Food, Panacea or Poison – 2001 film asking questions, :47
Food Inc. – 2008 three-part documentary about the processed food industry, 1:34 ***
Food Matters – 2008 film about nutrition and health, 1:18 ***
In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood, and Bioterrorism – fraud & murder are a clear and present danger, 2:31
Breaking the Taboo – 2012 documentary about the war on drugs, :58
Resonance – Beings of Frequency – documentary about natural and artificial wireless frequencies, 1:29
Lethal Injection – 2020 Clint Richardson documentary about the history of inoculations, 2:32
Casino – 1995 film about the Stardust casino in Las Vegas with Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone, 2:58
Plandemic Indoctornation – 2020 documentary sequel to Plandemic skeptical about outbreaks, critic, 1:16
The Flight Of The Phoenix – 1965 film about a plane crew and their crash landing in the Sahara, 2:22
The Tenth Man – 1988 film about an imprisoned man who trades his house for his freedom, 1:35
A Bridge Too Far – 1977 film about a botched 1944 plan to sabotage Dutch bridges, 2:56
The Girls Who Seduced And Killed Nazi Soldiers – they lowered their enemies’ guards, and they struck, :28 video
Operation Gladio (Secret armies) – 1992 documentary, 2:26 video
Valley of the Wolves: Gladio – 2009 Turkish drama, 1:36 video
Operation Gladio: Hard Evidence – documentary referring to court cases, :42 video
Inside The CIA – On Company Business – 1980 documentary based on the book by Philip Agee, 2:59 video
Triple Cross – 1966 Anglo-French war spy film based on the story of MI5 double agent Eddie Chapman, 1:58
Compulsion – 1959 film based on the 1924 Leopold-Loeb murder trial, Orson Welles, 2:01 video
Equilibrium – 2002 science fiction film about the prohibition of emotion, 1:47 video
Taxi Driver – 1976 film about an unstable taxi driver in New York, Robert De Niro, Jodie Foster, 1:54 video ***
TrustWHO – 2021 documentary about the World Health Organization (WHO), Lilian Franck, 1:25 video
Hannie Caulder – 1971 film about a woman wronged who takes her revenge, Raquel Welch, 1:21 video
The Wonderful Country – 1959 film about gun smuggling between Mexico and Texas, western, 1:38
They Call Me Trinity – 1970 western (Italian) film about a grab for land and authentic characters, 1:46
The Bravados – 1958 western film about a man who hunts the gang who killed his wife, 1:38
Garden of Evil – 1954 film about a gang of gold diggers recruited in Mexico to free a woman’s husband, 1:35
Guns of San Sebastian – 1968 spaghetti western about an outlaw rebel disguised as a padre, 1:52
Battle of the Sexes – 1960 film about a skilled woman who shakes up an old school business, 1:23 video
The Flight of the Phoenix – 1965 film about a plane crash in the desert and the hope to escape, 2:22 video
The Man Who Knew Too Much – 2020 documentary, an intellligence agent fired & framed for murder, 1:09
Soylent Green – 1973 film set in 2022, artificial food as the solution for environmental problems, 1:37 video
Who Created Ancient Megalithic Structures In Mexico Before Any Known Culture? – Brian Foerster, :48 video
Examples Of Ancient Megalithic Technology Around The World – Brian Foerster, 1:33 video
Impossible Ancient OOPArts Academia Can’t Explain – thought-provoking documentary, :16 video
Fingerprints of the Gods – 2016 documentary based on Graham Hancock’s 1995 book, 1:46 video
Chariots of the Gods – 1970 documentary based on the book by Erich von Daniken, 1:34, video
World Mysteries – blog, ancient writings, mystic places, science, strange artifacts
World’s Largest Pyramid Hidden in Plain Sight – Visoko, Bosnia
Stoicism – Philosophy to deal with a world gone Mad – food for thought, :36 video
Jordan Peterson & Cathy Newman – interviewed by Cathy Newman, :30 video
Jordan Peterson & Helen Lewis – interviewed by Helen Lewis, 1:43 video
Little Buddha – 1993 film by Bernardo Bertolucci about Buddhism and its characters, 2:15 video
Idaho Transfer – 1973 science fiction film directed by Peter Fonda, 1:26 video
Climate Hustle – 2016 controversial film by Marc Morano, questions the official narrative, 1:19 video, further
The Dimming – 2022 documentary film about climate engineering, 1:56 video
Bjorn Lomberg on Keeping Your Cool on the Climate Debate – 2021 analysis of global warming, 1:06
IPCC exposed by Donna Laframboise – questioning a political panel and the narrative, :54 video
An Inconvenient Truth – 2006 frightening documentary by Al Gore, 1:37 video 
The Great Global Warming Swindle – 2007 controversial British documentary, 1:14 video
The Plot Against the President – 2020 documentary based on the book by Lee Smith, 1:32 video
Monopoly – who owns the world? – 2021 documentary on how the world works, 1:04 video
No Place to Hide – banned 1982 documentary about domestic terrorism, 1:01 video
The WeatherMen – documentary about a domestic terrorist group active in the USA, :55 video
Out of Shadows – 2020 documentary about the media, Hollywood, and propaganda, 1:18 video
Strawman – The Nature of the Cage – 2015 documentary, debt, legal fiction, debt collectors, bailiffs, 2:07 video
Idiocracy – 2006 satirical science fiction about a population dumbed down by mass media, 1:25 video
The Social Dilemma – 2021 documentary exposing social media, 1:34 video
Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong – Dawn Lester & David Parker, 1:28 video
Great Expectations – 1946 film based on Charles Dickens” book about the education of an orphan, 1:53, remake
How to Look at and Understand Great Art – Great Courses, Kanopy
The Big Questions of Philosophy – Great Courses, Kanopy
American Friends – 1991 British film about morés in nineteenth century Victorian England, 1:35
Charade – 1963 film about a woman pursued by several men for the fortune her murdered husband stole, 1:54
Father’s Little Dividend – 1951 film about a father, daughter, and expecting a grandchild, colorized, 1:22
History Of The Infection Theory Dr. Stefan Lanka, presentation about H1N1, :43 video
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – 1975 film about life in a mental hospital, Jack Nicholson, 2:13
The Last Tycoon – 1976 film about a movie producer slowly working himself to death, Robert De Niro, 2:03
Heartburn – 1986 film about magazine writer who gives up her career for a family, Meryl Streep, 1:48
Eyes Wide Shut – 1999 film about a doctor, his wife, and a satanic cult, Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, 2:39
The Colony – 1995 film about a man and his family who join a cult with a hidden agenda, 1:32
Fear and Desire  – 1953 Stanley Kubrick film about four soliders trapped who then meet a local girl, :62
Early Warning – 1981 film about a one world foundation that secretly aims to control the world, 1:26
Leave Her to Heaven – 1945 film based on novel by Ben Ames Williams about a woman & inner demons, 1:46
The Strange Woman – 1946 film noir based on novel by Ben Ames Williams about a woman and a plan, 1:40 
La Dolce Vita – 1960 Federico Fellini classic film about a reporter in Rome in search of romace, 2:56
And Then There Were None – 1945 mystery based on Agatha Christie novel about murders and suspects, 1:37
Match Point – 2005 Woodie Allen film about a tennis player, ambition, murder, and chance, 2:05
The Big Easy – 1986, a New Orleans police officer who suspects cops of killing a gangster, 1:42
The Wolf of Wall Street – 2013, Leonardo DiCaprio, an independent stockbroker and his tricks, 3:00
Wall Street – 1987 film about Wall Street and the real economy, 2:06
Beat The Devil – 1953 film about swindlers on their way from Italy to Kenya to claim uranium, 1:29
Suing the Devil – 2011 Chrstian film about a law student who gets a trial to sue the devil, 1:44
The Apartment – 1960 film about an insurance company clerk who supplies his apartment for trysts, 2:06
The Big Short – 2015 film about the men who made millions from a global economic meltdown, 2:11 ***
The Wizard of Lies – 2017 film about Bernie Madoff and his massive financial fraud, 2:13
Little Big Man – 1970 film about an old man reminisching about the real far west, Dustin Hoffman, 2:19
The Big Country – 1958 film about family, ranching, and a struggle for water in a dry region, 2:46 ***
Touch of Evil  – 1958 film about a bombing and two police agents at the border, Orson Welles, 1:51
El Cid – 1961 film about the classic story of the Moors in Spain and the values of courage and mercy, 3:08
Don Quixote – 2015 film about a a retired country gentleman  and his adventures, 1:23
Red Dawn – 1989 Mexican film about a middle class family, the army, students, and the 1968 Olympics, 1:40
I as in Icarus – 1979 French film about an assassination, an investigation, and a secret plot, 2:03
Régénération – 2020 documentary about the power of the person to heal himself, 1:27 
In The Sahara Desert: Land of Fear – 2020 documentary, :51
Catching The Black Widow – 2017 film about a sister’s search for truth about her brother’s murder, 1:37
Popular thrillers with a husband-wife theme
The Pagan Queen – 2009 film about the Czech legend of Libuse, the Slavic queen of 8th century Bohemia, 1:39
A Change of Seasons – 1980 film about marriage and middle age, Shirley MacLaine, Anthony Hopkins, 1:42
The Lady in Question – 1940 film about a juror, a woman acquitted of murder, and doubts, Rita Hayworth, 1:19
La Celestina – theatrical adaptation of a Spanish classic tale about a love story and interference, 1:23
1986. The Act. – 2020 by Dr. Andrew Wakefield MD on controversial legislation and liability, fair use, 2:05
DPT: Vaccine Roulette – 1982 controversial documentary about safety of injections, :52
Vaxxed – 2016 censored, controversial film by Dr. Andrew Wakefield & others, 1:31
Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda – 2022 film about Kenya and vaccine controversy, :29
Terrain – 2022 film by Dr. Andrew Kaufman that questions the germ theory, 2:07
Dr. Andrew Moulden: Every Vaccine Produces Harm – 2015 film questioning these injections, 1:49
Uninformed Consent – 2022, “it’s easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled”, 2:10, backup
The Viral Delusion – 2022 long film that questions the dogma, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5
Concussion – 2015 film about a doctor and his struggle for the truth about US football, 2:03 ***
Hitch – 2005 film about a dating coach who falls flat with a reporter, Will Smith, 1:59
King Lear – 2018 film of Shakespeare’s story about a dying king and his daughters, Anthony Hopkins, 1:56
Revolution – 1985 film of a trapper and his son reluctantly pulled into the revolution, Al Pacino, 2:07
People I Know – 2002 film about a press agent who loses his main client to a scandal, Al Pacino, 1:40 
City Hall – 1996 film about a shooting and an investigation with unexpected consequences, Al Pacino, 1:51
Frankie and Johnny – 1991 film about an ex-convict and his romance with a waitress, Al Pacino, 1:51
The Devil’s Advocate – 1997 film about a young lawyer who makes a pact with the devil, Al Pacino, 2:24
Great Expectations – 1998 loose adaptation of Dickens’ story about a young man and his benefactor, 1:51
A United Kingdom – 2016 film about the King of Botswana who married a London office worker in 1948, 1:51 ***
Hang ’em High – 1968 film about rough justice in the far west, Clint Eastwood, 1:54
The Thomas Crown Affair – 1968 film about a robber who falls for this investigator, 1:42
The Presidio – 1988 film about a police officer at odds with his former boss, dating his daughter, 1:37
Zeitgeist – 2007 film about mythology, belief, and uncommon perspectives of common cultural issues, 2:41
A Woman of the World – 1925 film about an Italian countess in an unctuous small US town, 1:07
Sister Kenny – 1946 biography of an Australian bush nurse who healed kids of polio, Spanish, 1:56 ***
Dying To Have Known – 2006 film looking for evidence of the Gerson therapy, :52 ***
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil – 1997 film about a tycoon accused of murder, 2:35
Anna Karenina – 1997 film based on Tolstoy’s novel about a wife and mother who has an affair, 1:48
War and Peace – 1956 film based on Tolstoy’s novel about Napoleon’s invasion of Russia, 3:28
Crime and Punishment – 1935 film based on the Russian classic about a murderer haunted by guilt, 1:28
Doctor Zhivago – 1965 film based on the Russian classical novel about unrequited love, 3:20
War and Peace – 1956 film based on Tolstoy’s classic about Napoleon’s defeat, 3:28, 1966 RU version
War and Peace – 2017 restored version of Tolstoy’s classisc, part 2, part 3, part 4, 1:38, 1:22, 1:37
The Underground Man – summary of Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s 1864 warning, Notes from the Underground, :25 
Pride & Prejudice – 2005 film about a nineteenth century family and the five unmarried daughters, 2:15
To Kill a Mockingbird – 1962 film based on the classic novel about racism, stereotyoing, and the individual, 2:10
The Big Sleep – 1946 film based on the classic about an investigator, a wealthy father, and his daughter, 1:56
Famine 33 – 1991 drama film about the Holodomor famine in Ukraine based on novel The Yellow Prince, 1:32
Bitter Harvest – 2017 film about a love story at the time of the Ukranian Holomodor, 1:43
Ukraine On Fire – 2016 documentary by Oliver Stone about Maidan, 1:34
Bitter Rice – 1949 Italian film about ambitious small-time criminals, 1:48
The Brotherhood of the Bell – 1970 film about a professor who plans to defy his secret society, 1:38 
Down By Law – 1986 film about a disc jockey, a pimp, and in Italian tourist who escape jail, 1:46
Angela’s Ashes – 1999 film about an Irish family who try to escape poverty by immigrating, 2:25
Return from the Ashes – 1965 thriller about a woman, her stepdaugher, and rivalry for her husband, 1:48 ***
The Brothers Karamazov – 2014 micro budget film about the intrigues in a family in 19th century Russia, 2:15
Dallas Buyers Club – 2013 film about a man who goes underground to look for remedies, 1:57 ***
The Joy Luck Club – 1993 film about families, mothers, daughters, and emigration from China, 2:19
The First Wives Club – 1996 film about ex-wives and their schemes for retaliation, 1:42
Air Force One Is Down – 2012 film based on a a novel about the hijacking of the US president’s plane, 2:49
Communism by the Backdoor – 2014 film, Is the “New World Order” code for world communism?, 5:21
The Stanford Prison Experiment – 2015 psychological thriller about a controller and the controlled, 2:02
Dark Waters – 2019 film about a lawyer and his risky investigation of an industrial polluter, 2:06
Notting Hill – 2005 film about a bookseller who falls for a movie star, 2:04
Out of the Past – 1947 film about a gangster who went straight but is haunted by his past, 1:37 ***
Goldfinger – 1064 film about a secret agent trying to foil a plot to steal a treasure of gold, 1:50
Belfast – 2021 film about a family and their choice to stay or to emigrate from Ireland, 1:37
A Foreign Affair – 1948 film about occupied Berlin and a man and rivals for his attention, 1:56
Mississippi Burning – 1988 film about two agents investigating the murder of two civil rights workers, 2:08
Ghosts of Mississippi – 1996 film about a prosecutor and his transformation to accuse an assassin, 2:10
Blow-Up – 1966 film about a photographer who accidentally records a murder and then finds out, 1:11
The Skulls – 2000 film about a secret society at an elite university, 1:56 
The Long Ships – 1966 film about the rivalry between the Vikings and the Moors to search for gold, 2:06
Istanbul – 1957 film about a diamond smuggler who returns to look for love, 1:25
Soldier Of Fortune – 1955 film, a woman who goes to Hong Kong to look for her missing husband, 1:36
Total Recall – 1990 film about a man who finds a memory chip in his brain that covers up a plot, 1:53
The Name of the Rose – 1986 film about a thirteenth century monk who investigates a murder, 2:10
The Eagle Has Landed – 1976 film based on a book about a plot to kidnap Churchill, 2:15
Ben-Hur – 1959 film about a Palestinian Jew who is enslaved and then tries to escape, 3:32
And Then There Were None – 1945 film, an Agathie Christie mystery about murder, tv remake, 1:37
A Dream of Red Mansions – (The Dream of the Red Chamber) – 18th century Chinese classic, :41
Angel Eyes – 2001 film about an unlikely couple whose circumstances bind them, 1:42
The Game of Life and How to Play it – 1925 book (audio) of self-help, 2:20
The Hudsucker Proxy – 1994 film about a puppet placed at the head of a firm, 1:51
Citizen Kane – 1941 film about a newspaper tycoon who reviews his life with regret, 1:59
The Majestic – 2001 film about a blacklisted Hollywood writer in a small town in 1951, 2:32 
Blazing Saddles – 1974 film that is a satire of western films, a small town, and the railroad, 1:33 
The Debt – 2015 film about Peru and an international finance and development project, 1:38, ***
The Fountainhead – 1949 film, an architect, individual identity, and the pressure to conform, 1:54 ***
Papillon – 1973 film, two prisoners in the 1930s in a Latin American prison and a plan to escape, 2:25
House of Cards – 1968 film, a boxer who stumbles on a fascist plot to create a new world order, 1:45
The Whistle Blower – 1986 film, a veteran who investigates the murder of his son in intelligence, 1:44
Class Action – 1991 film, a daughter with a grudge and her confrontation with her father in court, 1:45
Executive Action – 1973 film about a possible plot to kill JFK, 1:31
Wag the Dog – 1997 film about creating a fake war to distract from a presidential political scandal, 1:37
No Way Out – 1951 film about a black doctor who oveercomes ignorance and prejudice, 1:47 ***
Three Days of the Condor – 1975 far-fetched film about an agent who looks for the plot to kill him, 1:58
Seven Days in May – 1964 film about a plot to kill the president, 1:58
The Parallax View – 1974 film about assasination and a political thriller, 1:42
They Live – 1988 science fiction film based on the short story about mind control and mass media, 1:35
Blow Out -1981 film about a sound technician who recorded an assassination by accident, 1:48
Secret Honor – 1984 film with fiction about Richard Nixon, 1:31
The Manchurian Candidate – 1962 thriller about creating an assassin with no conscience, 2:07 ***
Z – 1969 film about the cover-up of the assassination of a Greek politician in 1963, 2:08
Torn Curtain – 1966 film about a scientist who defects to steal a formula and return, 2:08
Idi i Smotri – 1985 film about a boy who joins the Soviet resistance and sees the horrors of war, 2:24
The Whistle Blower – 1986 film about a veteran looking for the truth about his murdered son, 1:44
Psy – 1992 film about a secret agent adapting to life after a change of regime, 1:46
Covidland – 2022 film searching for facts and skeptical of certain public health policies, 1:49 ***
Tom Sawyer – 1973 film about two boys and their adventures near the Mississippi river, 1:43
Sliver – 1993 thriller about a landlord who spies on his tenants, 1:47 
Born on the Fourth of July – 1989 biography of a Vietnam war veteran turned peace activist, 2:25 ***
Nineteen Eighty-Four – 1984 film based on the novel about individuals under totalitarianism, 1:51
Sorcerer – 1977 film about outlaws who agree to transport explosives through the jungle, 2:03 ***
The Wicker Man – 1973 film a missing girl whom Scottish locals claim never existed, 1:34 video
The Snow Walker – 2003 film about a pilot and his passenger and their struggle to survive, 1:50 video
Sneakers – 1992 film about private security agents hired to steal a decoder, 2:06 video
The Harder They Come – 1973 film about a young man who aspires to become a reggae star, 1:43 video
Shenandoah – 1965 film, a Virginia farmer who remains neutral until his son is captured, 1:41 video
How the West Was Won – 1962 saga of three generations in the US west in the 19th century, 2:45 video
The Counselor – 2013 film about a lawyer who gets in over his head in a trafficing rung, 2:18 video
City on Fire – 1987 thriller in Hong Kong about a policeman who infiltrates a gang, 1:46 video
The Last Valley – 1971 historical drama about men who find peace in the middle of long war, 2:06 video
Run Silent, Run Deep – 1958 film about submarines at sea, based on a book, 1:34 video
One by One – 2014 film by Rick Mayall about a waitress who wakes up to the world around her, 1:28
One by One – 1968 film about trickery and false appearances in nineteenth century  Texas, 1:22 video
The Serpent and the Rainbow – 1988 film about a scientist looking for how zombies are made, 1:38
Sleeping with the Enemy – 1991 film of a woman who fakes her own death to escape her husband, 1:38
Absolute Power – 1997 film about a man who witnesses a crime by the president, 2:02
The Leopard – 1963 film about nineteenth century Sicily before the unification of Italy, 3:06
Charley Varrick – 1983 film about a man, his wife, and their friend who unknowingly rob the mob, 1:51
The Marriage of Maria Braun – 1979 film of an ambitious woman using her beauty to get ahead, 2:01
Back Roads – 1981 film about a prostitute and a drifter traveling together, 1:35
A Hidden Life – 2019 film about a conscientious objector who refuses to fight in World War II; 2:55
Save the Babies: A Documentary – 2022 film about the dark side of Child Protective Services, 1:15
Peaceful Warrior – 2006 film about a chance encounter that changes the life of a young gymnast, 2:00
Planet of the Humans – 2019 film skeptical of the green movement, 1:40, debunked?
The Game Changers – 2019 documentary film advocating veganism for animals, planet, health, 1:26
The Unspeakable – 2021 documentary by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, 1:30 
September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor – 2021 documentary, air defense, hijackers, airplanes, Building 7, 4:54
Consensus 9/11 – evidence-based research into the events of September 11, 2001
Death by Design – 2016 documentary about pollution and toxicity of electronics, 1:14, interview
Planet Lockdown – 2022 film with a skeptical point of view about health policy, 1:50
The Time is Now – 2022 film by Ben Tapper about seeing the darkness but looking for the light, 1:31
The Secrets of the Bosnian Pyramid – Semir Sam Osmanagich present his research, ;48 video
Ulee’s Gold – 1997 film about an elderly beekeeper trying to protect his family, 1:52
Lilith – 1965 film about a veteran working in a mental hospital and falling for patient, 1:54
Outlaw Blues – 1977 film about an ex-convict and the country music star who stole his song, 1:42
Two People – Peter Fonda
Secret People – 1952 film about a botched assassination attempt, 1:36
Poisons or the World History of Poisoning – 2001 film about an actor who plans to poison his wife, 1:44***
The True Ancient Origins Of The Native Americans | 1491: Before Columbus – archaeology, :47
Century of the Self – 2002 BBC  documentary, have Freud’s ideas been misused for mind control?; 2:35
Children of Men – 2006 science fiction about infertility and dystopia in 2027, 1:50
The Bank Job – 2008 film based on an unsolved bank robbery on Baker St. London in the 1970s, 1:53
A history of the theories of aether and electricity – unusual look at electricity transmission, :06 video
Operation Northwoods Exposed – 2008 review of declassified plan of a false flag, :03
The Magic Pill – 2017 documentary that advocates a ketogenic diet, vegan response, 1:30
Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story – 2008 documentary about Bush’s campaign manager, 
Miss V From Moscow – 1942 spy film and pro-Soviet propaganda, 1:06
Enjoy the Show – 2022 documentary about the nature of entertainment and politics, 2:02
Fighting for Freedom – 2023 documentary by Kristine Anderson, MEP, :35
Uninformed Consent – 2022 documentary, Matador, 2:10
The Last of the Mohicans – 1920 silent film based on a classic book, 1:12
The Veto – 2019 documentary film about western media in Syria, 1:17
Psychiatry: An Industry of Death – 2006 controversial documentary, backup, 1:30 
Rimfire – 1949 colorized cowboy western, 1:04
Natural Born Killers – 1994 Oliver Stone film about abused kids turned killers, 2:03
Palmetto – 1998 film about a reporter framed for corruption, 1:54
Holes In Heaven? — Haarp And Advances In Tesla Technology,, 1998 documentary, :52
Big Data Is Watching – 2023 documentary about surveillance and censorship, 1:43
Omega Man – 1971 film about the sole survivor of a pandemic against would-be saviors, 1:38
Shadowgate – 2020 documentary about the deep state, 1:25
Farmageddon – 2011 documentary about family farms blocked from feeding communities, 1:26
Titicut Follies – 1967 film about conditions in the Bridgewater, Massachusetts mental hospital, 1:24
Royal Raymond Rife – Rise and Fall of a Scientific Genius -2007 documentary about a remedy, 2:06
All Wars Are Banker”s Wars – 2016 documentary about the overlooked history of central banking, :44
The Money Masters – The Rise Of The Bankers – 1çç6 documentary about money, debt, taxes, 3:30***
America: Freedom to Fascism – 2006 documentary about the overlooked history, 1:48
End of the Road: How Money Became Worthless – 2012 documentary, :56
97% Owned – 2012 British documentary, where does money come from?, 1:43
Colossus The Forbin Project – 1970 film about a supercomputer that tries to take over, 1:37
George Carlin – late great comic, on language, on ecology
Bright Green Lies – documentary dismantles the illusion of green technology, 1:12 
Earthing: The Remarkable Science of Grounding – documentary, 1:16 
The Road to Guantanamo – 2006 documentary about three British trapped, 1:30
Empire du silence : 25 ans de crimes au R.D.Congo –  2023 documentary (in French), 1:58
An Officer and a Gentleman – 1982 drama about a pilot in training, 2:05
Iron Mountain – 1993 film about a march towards tyranny based on a 1967 book, 2:21, report

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