Most of these recipes are quick, easy, nourishing, and inexpensive. For me, cooking at home is the best way to save money – and to enjoy healthy, nutrititous meals. These recipes use common ingredients, foods, herbs, and spices that are widely available.

Using the same basic recipe, you can vary the ingredients and spices to prepare different dishes. For example, one night you could steam broccoli and then add olive oil and rosemary. The next night, you could steam carrots and then add hemp seed oil and oregano. This is one recipe  – steamed vegetables. My favorite steamed vegetables are broccoli, mashed sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, and parsnips.

No special equipment is required, except a knife, a cutting board, a potato peeler, a blender, a steamer basket, a frying pan, and a cooking pot. Certain recipes, such as rice or beans, are faster to prepare, if you use a pressure cooker.

Brownies require a mixer and a mixing bowl. Spaghetti of zucchini squash (courgette) requires a device called a spiralizer.

This list of recipes is divided into the following categories:

These recipes follow the ideas of health via food:

Specifically, these recipes substitute pure stevia (extract or dried leaves) for sugar, almond or coco milk for cow’s milk, nutritional yeast flakes (small amounts) for cheese, oat flour or buckwheat flour for wheat flour, and olive or coconut oil for seed oils. These recipes also avoid combinations of starch and protein, such as potatoes and eggs, and combinations of two proteins, such as ham and eggs, in the same recipe.

Both vegan and paleo recipes are included.


Required equipment and budget

A toaster and microwave oven are not required.

To prepare smoothies, I suggest that you buy yourself a blender. Almost any blender will do. Some are small. Some are large. Some have plastic jugs. Some have glass jugs. Some have more powerful motors. Some have less powerful motors. Some are expensive. Some are cheap. Almost any blender will do.

Then buy yourself a steamer basket. This is a small foldable metal device to suspend vegetables in a pot of boiling water to cook the vegetables and avoid soaking them in the water. Steamed vegetables retain more nutrients than boiled vegetables. You can steam broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, parsnips, tunips, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, or other starchy vegetables.




To cook omelets and (meat) sautés, I suggest that you buy yourself a plastic chemical-free, traditional frying pan, such as ceramic, stainless steel, or cast iron.   Cast iron frying pans can take more time to maintain, including cleaning, drying, and oiling them after each use. Cast iron or stainless steel pans avoid aluminum and teflon, both of which can be slightly toxic, particularly over time.      





These recipes require simple tools – merely a sharp knife, a sturdy potato peeler, a cutting board, a blender, a steamer basket, a pot, and a frying pan.

Optionally, the other useful tools are a spiralizer for the paleo spaghetti, a food processor for pesto sauce, and a grain mill to make fresh floor of dried millet, buckwheat, quinoa, chickpeas, lentils, grains, cereals, beans (but not seeds and not moist ingredients).

On a budget, these recipes depend on local and seasonal availability, of course. Substitutes are possible. The basic ingredients are found commonly in many places:

  • broccoli, carrots, spinach, beets, onions, parsley, kale, chard,
  • cauliflower, celery, cabbage, cucumber,
  • sweet potatoes, parsnips, turnips, 
  • lemons, limes, grapefruit,
  • apples, pears, bananas, plums,
  • eggs, liver, fish, turkey, lamb, beef,
  • nuts, seeds, healthy oils (not heat-treated, processed “vegetable” oils),
  • grains (starch but not wheat), cereals, legumes, and
  • herbs and spices.

Unless you grow them yourself or barter for them, these foods may indeed cost more than soda, beer, breakfast cereals, cakes, potato chips, other processed packaged foods, and pizza, but what about the price of ill health due to junk food?



Some of these recipes are also tagged for the blood type (O, A, B or AB), according to the ideas and methods of Drs. D’Adamo and Mozzi for blood type eating. To be suitable for a blood type, the recipe includes only beneficial or neutral foods for that type and excludes all foods to be avoided for that type. In general, paleo recipes are suitable for blood types O and B, while vegan recipes are suitable for blood type A and AB. Some recipes are suitable for all blood types, such as smoothies with lemon, spinach, carrot, beet, and apple. Other pan-ABO recipes include steamed broccoli and others. Other smoothie recipes are here.



Herbs & spices

Included in these recipes is a liberal use of the following herbs & spices – stevia (pure [>90%) liquid extract, dried leaf, or powdered leaf) for sugar-free natural sweetness, ginger, clove, parsley, coriander (cilantro), rosemary, thyme, fenugreek, cumin, peppermint, nettle, horsetail, dandelion, cayenne, horseradish, and garlic. I suggest a liberal use of these or other spices to your taste. If you do not like these spices or prefer others, then you can leave them out and use others. Local availability of spices varies. Organic spices from known suppliers tend to be of better quality, but even organic products are not usually tested for heavy metals. Ultimately, the quality of spices depends on the soil where they were grown. If you can, it is better to grow your own or to buy high-quality organic spices from known suppliers.



Green smoothie (HealthViaFood)
Real lemonade (HealthViaFood)  
Sweet & sour apple cider (A) (HealthViaFood)
Herbal tea

Healthy coffee substitutes (O) (Sarah Pope)
Coco milk (O) (wellnessmama)
Hot cocoa (O) (Dr. Nirala Jacobi)
Coconut turmeric smoothie
Almond milk (
Traditional root beer (WestonPrice)
Apple cider vinegar, honey, garlic and lemon drink (Claire Goodall)
Gerson juice (Gerson Research, other)
Celery juice (A, AB) (Anthony Williams)
Kale smoothie (TheBlenderGirl)
Peach apricot carrot smoothie (TheBlenderGirl)
Creamy chocolate milk (without milk)
Chocolate banana nut butter smoothie (Dr. Josh Axe)
Carrot smoothie (Wendy Myers ND) – carrot, coco, acv
Sweet potato kvass (Weston Price)
Green detox smoothie (Damn Delicious)
Homemade dandelion beer (Chelsea Publishing)



Miso soup (A) (HealthViaFood)
Borscht (HealthViaFood)

Broccoli soup (Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo)
Broccoli cream soup (Dr. Jockers)
Creamy mushroom soup (Food Matters)
Miso soup (South River Miso) (Is miso paleo?
Creamy carrot ginger soup (The Wellness Way)
Paleo vegetable soup (paleogrubs)
Parsnip soup (
Parsnip bisque (Beth Dooley)
Turkey curry soup (Mark Hyman)
Nature’s penicillin (DeepRootsAtHome)
Bieler “miracle” vegetable broth (A) (Dr. Henry Bieler, other)
Energy soup (A, Ann Wigmore, comment, alternate)
Fish stew (PaleoLeap)
Mushroom stew (PaleoLeap)
Zucchini soup (Jennifer Segal)
Gazpacho (Weston Price) (A)
Sweet potato and coconut soup (EpochTimes)
Homemade bone broth (WestonPrice) 
Bone broth (Dr. Josh Axe DC), benefits ,details
Broccoli ‘cheddar’ soup, dairy-free (Danielle Walker)
Bone broth (Erin Elizabeth)
Chicken noodle soup (minus noodles, DeepRootsAtHome)

24 (with 2 miso, 2 bone broth, 2 parsnip)



Steamed broccoli (O, A, B, AB) (HealthViaFood)
Mashed sweet potatoes (O) (HealthViaFood)

Fermented ginger carrots (Chelsea Green)
Baked sweet potatoes
Fried sweet potatoes
Sweet potato recipes (Josh Axe)
Spicy, creamy spinachSaag paneer (
Creamy spinach (Mark Sisson)
Fermented cabbage (Mark Hyman)
Sweet potato parsnip fritters (Mark Hyman)
Pumpkin hummus (Mark Hyman)
Homemade applesauce (Chelsea Green)
Sauerkraut (Irena Macri)
Beet, ginger, cabbage kraut (Weston Price)


Salads & sides

Beet, walnut, and kale salad (Dr. Blum)
Veggie paleo spaghettidetails (Mark Hyman)
Guacamole (EatingWorks)
Hummus (KnowTheCause)
Beet hummus (Erwan Mayer)

Hummus (TheBlenderGirl)
Steamed root vegetables with miso (South River Miso)

Moroccan carrot salad (4yourtype)
Fennel & citrus salad (4yourtype)
Mashed potatoes (Danielle Walker)
Quick sauerkraut (Irena Macri)
Celery root mash (Mark Hyman)
Waldorf salad with homemade mayonnaise (Nancy Addison)
Spinach salad (TheBlenderGirl)
Arugula spinach salad with onions (Sabrina Currie)


Sauces & dressings

Cilantro pesto (Byzantine Flowers recipes)
Cilantro pesto (ByzantineFlowers)
Cilantro and pumpkin seed pesto (Chelsea Green
Pesto (non-dairy) (Dr. Masley)
Pesto (Dr. Wahls)
Sauces and condiments (Irena Macri)
Vinaigrette (Sabrina Ann Zielinski)
Sugar-free cranberry sauce (BodyEcology)
Tomato sauce (homemade ketchup, Francis), tomatoes, apple cider vinegar, stevia, cumin, …
Vegan garlic alfredo sauce (MindBodySoulFood)
Nutritional yeast spread (O) (Dadamo)
No tomato tomato sauce (O) (Dadamo)
Almondaise (non-dairy mayonnaise) (O) (Dadamo)
Vegan nacho cheese sauce (A) (Dr. Rita Marie) 
Cod liver oil mayonnaise (Weston Price)
Cilantro walnut pesto !Dr. Weil)
Hemp seed pesto (Epoch Health)
Caramel sauce, dairy-free (Danielle Walker)
Avocado salad dressing (MetabolicBalance)
Sofrito (Irena Macri)
Fermented apple butter (Weston Price)

20, including 7 pesto


Nut snack (Sabrina Ann Zielinski)
Kale chips (TheBusyBaker)
Tapas (Mark Hyman)
Rosemary almond flour crackers (paleo, Mark Hyman)
Za’atar roasted nuts (Mark Hyman)
Quinoa brittle (knowthecause)
Spicy basil artichoke dip (Mark Hyman)
Nut pâté (Dr. Carolyn Dean)
Veggies with guacamole (PaleoLeap)
Apricot, nut & seed bars (Dr. Mark Hyman)
Faux popcorn with nutritional yeast (O) (D’Adamo)  
Amaranth ‘tortilla chips’ or crackers (O) (D’Adamo)  
Almond flour pizza crust (O) (D’Adamo) 
Cherry snack bars (Dr. Axe)
Kale with guacamole (TheBlenderGirl)
Beet dip (TheBlenderGirl)
Power pudding, constipation (plums/prunes, apples, flax, healthfully)
Sweet potato hummus & seed crackers (Dr.Mark Hyman)
Herbed almond flatbread (BodyEcology)
WBaked apples (Metabolic Balance)
Keto crackers (B, Dr. Jockers)
Soda bread (A, Weston Price)
Spanish gildas (Kitchn)


Paleo mains

Omelet (or sauté) (HealthViaFood)
Fish tartar – ceviche (HealthViaFood)
Liver paté (HealthViaFood)
Bone broth and vegetable stew (HealthViaFood)

Fried eggs with onions, parsley, and paprika – huevos rancheros
Boiled eggs with raw salt and rosemary
Salmon cakes (I Heart Umami)
Paleo pizza
Collard breakfast burrito (Mark Hyman)
Paleo cheese sauce (Irena Macri)
Paleo vegan cheese substitute (Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo)
Paleo pancakes (thespruceeats, without cream cheese)
Beef with artichokes (D’Adamo)
Classic keto hamburger (DietDoctor)
Keto garlic and cauliflower bread (A, Dr. Jockers)
Paleo crepes (HolisticWellness)
Paleo crepes (Dr. Jockers)
Paleo chicken liver paté (WholesomeYum)
BBQ chicken thighs (O, A, 4yourtype)
27 Paleo nutritional yeast recipes (PaleoGrubs)
Salmon cakes (Mark Hyman)
Feta cheese recipes (almost paleo, Irena Macri, B)
Baked cod (O, A, B, AB, Sabrina Currie)
Cajun cod (Doug Kaufmann)
Chicken Marengo (EpochTimes)
Greek chicken chops (TheGreekFoodie)
Turkey burgers (Paleoaholic)
Curry chicken (Mark Hyman)
Grain-free pizza (Mark Hyman)
Keto tortillas (Dr. Jockers)
Lamb stew (Epoch Times)
Cabbage “pancakes” with poached eggs (Dr. Mark Hyman)
Frittata with asparagus and dill (BodyEcology)
Greek-style yogurt (B, Chelsea Green)
Soufflé pancakes (Irena Macri)

Dr. Berg’s healthy keto recipes
Deliciously Organic is an index of excellent paleo recipes
Ten Easy Paleo Recipes for Beginners by Paleo Leaps
30 Easy Paleo Meals Ready in 30 Minutes by Paleo Running Momma
Paleo breakfast recipes by UltimatePaleoGuide


Vegan mains

Oatmeal (A) (HealthViaFood)
Rice pilaf (A) (HealthViaFood)
Bean ragout (A) (HealthViaFood)
Grilled mushrooms with rice and lentils (A) (HealthViaFood) 
Grilled mushrooms (A) (Botanical-Online)

Adzuki beans with coco oil, salt, stevia, ginger, and clove (O)
Wheat-free bread (oats, flax seeds, Francis)
Pancakes (vegan, paleo, O, A, Dr. Loscalzo) 
Buckwheat crêpes (pancakes) with almond butter and stevia
Buckwheat crepes & pesto (O, A) (Dr. Mark Hyman)
Buckwheat burgers (Byzantine Flowers)
Buckwheat bread (ProofBread)
Buckwheat vegan burger (buckwheat, onion, mushroom, parsley)
Buckwheat noodles with spinach and paprika
Vegan egg alternatives (ProVeg International)
Flax egg or chia egg (Vegan Richa)
French toast vegan overnight oats (FitFoodieFinds)
Chickpea waffles (The Vgn Way)
Chickpea omelet (Hidden Veggies)
Chickpea tofu (The Vgn Way)
Quinoa with blackstrap molasses and ginger
Red beet quinoa salad
Quinoa biryani (Indian Veggie Delight)
Yellow squash and paprika sauté (FreeCoconutRecipes)
Quinoa tabouli salad (BodyEcology)
Amaranth with onions, kale and horseradish
Lentils with carrots, spinach, and garlic (A)
Vegan sushi
Peanut and lentil stew (A) (D’Adamo)
Roasted mushroom ragout (A) (Elissa Goodman)
Falafel (Baker Creek Seeds)
Rice and hempseed burger
Tomato and almond burger (A) (Food Revolution)
Spinach with tofu (A) (palak paneer – Indie Veggie Delight)
Paleo tofu (O, egg custard, iheartumami)
Tofu with spinach and onion (A)
Tofu recipes (Indian Veggie Delight)
Mushroom pecan burgers (Food Revolution Network)
Broccoli potato stir fry (IndianVeggieDelight)
Budwig mix (Budwig Center, Malaga, Spain)
Grain-free plant-based bagels (Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo)
Coconut flour pancakes (flaxseed for eggs, Kaufmann)
Carrot pecan burgers (Dr. Ritamarie)
Marvellous millet recipes (theingredientguru)
Mushroom stew (thegreekfoodie)
Falafel wrap with garlic tahini (Brain Docs)



Chocolate pudding (HealthViaFood)
Raw chocolate (HealthViaFood)

Banana & almond butter brownies (PaleoPlan)
Sweet potato paleo brownies (Irena Macri)
Homemade chocolate (Irena Macri)
Coconut cookies (Erin Elizabeth)
Paleo blueberry banana muffins (Irena Macri)
Paleo avocado ice cream (thespruceeats)
Banana and almond butter ice cream (herbshealthhappiness)
Almond butter bars with dark chocolate (paleohacks)
Keto cookie recipes (paleohacks)
Gingerbread cookies – paleo and vegan (healinggourmet)
Chocolate truffles with coconut oil (Mark Hyman)
Raw chocolate (Indigo Herbs)
Healthy baking (Irena Macri)
Four-ingredient, no-bake paleo fudge
Chocolate coconut milk ice cream (Dr. Jockers)
Chocolate avocado mousse (Dr. Zielinski)
Chocolate coconut energy bars (Wellnessmama)
Coconut oil fudge (commonsensehome)
Keto cookies (Dan Pompa)
Chocolate balls (Liana Werner-Gray)
Cookie dough (Liana Werner-Gray)
Keto brownies (
Chocolate chia pudding ( 
Chocolate oatmeal bars (Dee Dine) 
Coconut chocolate almond bark (Swich/Rouxbe)
Banana bread (in Dutch via Ons Kookboek)
Chocolate mud pie (KateMagic)
Silky chocolate pie (Karen Pullen)
Chocolate chip oat balls (The Hint of Rosemary)
Chocolate cake (HealthyRecipesBlogs)
Apple pie (Doug Kaufman)
Chocolate zucchini cake (Irena Macri)
Pumpkin chickpea cookie dough (The Hint of Rosemary)
Beet brownies with a chocolate mousse (TheHappyPear)
Paleo chocolate chip cookies (Ann Hutyra)
Paleo gingerbread cookies (Ann Hutyra)
Chocolate grain-free paleo cookies (Dr. Jockers)
Vegan pistachio ice cream (EatingWorks)
Coconut flour recipes (Dr. Josh Axe DC)
Raw chocolate (Indigo Herbs)
Paleo chocolate almond butter cups (JJ Virgin)
Double chocolate protein bars (Mark Hyman)
Chocolate paleo cookies (Dr. Jockers)
Dark chocolate nut bar (David Wolfe)
Vegan chocolate orange mousse (HealthBuddy)
Vegan chocolate mousse (Dr. Josh Axe)
Marzipan almond paste (GreenSmoothieGourmet)
Paleo dessert recipes (Wendy Myers)
Chocolate rum balls (Irena Macri)
Dark chocolate hummus dip (MyVeganMinimalist)
Chocolate avocado mousse (GreenSmoothieGourmet)
Chocolate fudge, dairy-free (B inspired)
Grain-free almond coconut bread (InMyBowl)
Paleo bread (PaleoHacks)
Baking with almond flour (Danielle Walker)
Dark chocolate coco-roons (Dr. Mindy Pelz)
No bake lemon cake (HealthRanger)
Chocolate mousse (PaleoLeap)
Chocolate mousse with peppermint whip (Mark Hyman)
Dark chocolate mousse (UltimatePaleoGuide)
Four-ingredient, no-bake paleo fudge (HealthMeans)
Vegan ice cream cake (DrRitaMarie)
Pecan coconut bonbons (KnowTheCause)
Lemon almond cake (TheBlenderGirl)
Chocolate truffles (TheBlenderGirl)
Paleo mocha caramel cheesecake (MyHealthMaven)
Dairy-free ice cream recipes (Chelsea Green, video)
Chocolate silk pie (A, AB, Michelle Hauser)
Blueberry muffins (Deliciously Organic)
Chai cookies (Deliciously Organic)
Almond cookies (Weston Price)
Paleo cookies (Danielle Walker)
Paleo vegan blueberry biscotti (Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo) 
Fruit tart (grain-free, dairy-free) (Deliciously Organic)
Pecan muffins (Dr. Jockers)
Vegan keto coconut cake (Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo) 
Almond biscotti (Dr. Mark Hyman MD)
Tangy almond lemon tart (Dr. Mark Hyman MD)
Wendy Myers’ sugar-free, starch-free soft desserts

69+ (with 8 cookies, 5 brownies, 5 faux ice cream)


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