Call me on skype

To call me, you can use skype software on your computer or mobile phone. Using skype software and your internet connection, you can make telephone calls and chat online for free.

If you do not already have skype, you can call me, using your web browser, as follows.
First, click on this link -> Start Skype call
Then wait for the skype screen to appear, and click on the button Join on web.

If you already have skype, first click on this button –

Then click on the Open Skype button. My skype address is benrock8888

If you and I are already happy to talk with each other, you can call me anytime. If you call me without an appointment, I may or may not answer your call. I am usually available late afternoons Central European Time. I tend to answer calls from people whom I know already and whom I am happy to talk with.

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Further be aware that I am not a doctor, so the law prohibits me from speaking about diagnosis, prevention, treatment, or cure of any disease. If you have a medical condition, then see a doctor.

It is possible that I will switch from skype to Telegram for messaging, voice calls, and video calls. Telegram may be easier to use and more private than skype. Unlike WhatsApp, you can use Telegram from a web browser.

Communication via LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and youtube is to be developed.