“The Contagion Myth” by Tom Cowan MD and Sally Fallon Morell – book review

Dr. Cowan MD questions the germ theory of disease, including the conventional explanations of infections and what are believed to be contagious diseases.

He defends the idea that such afflictions result from too much exposure and an accumulation of environmental toxins in the air, water, and food in the body. Chronic disease or even a common cold is an attempt by the body to rid itself of the toxins, in his view.

He refers to the history of polio and its possible origin in the widespread use of a known neurotoxin and insecticide, ddt. He notes thar the incidence of polio was already declining when they introduced the vaccine. He goes further to trace the history of smallpox and the controversy and risks about injecting the pus of infected cows by Dr. Edward Jenner at the end of the eighteenth century.

He also refers to independent research to confirm (though not prove) his hypothesis that the bubonic plague was a result of a comet strafing or striking the earth and leaving toxic debris that poisoned people.

He denies nothing. He acknowledged very small particles made of proteins and genetic material but with a nucleus that are often referred to a “virus”. He notes that these and other characteristics are also common to what have been identified and named by other researchers “exosomes”. He refers to research that notes that exosomes are excreted by cells that have been poisoned or weakened in some way. According to him, exosomes make a genetic adaptation to prevailing toxic conditions possible, like evolution in real-time.

He offers specific advice for healthy eating, for keeping water healthy, and for cleaning the air where you live and work.

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